Dyson DC65 Animal Complete

In case anybody wants to see real results from these vacuums, I thought I’d share a few pics from a comparison I just did. I ordered a refurb Dyson DC14 from Woot in 2006 because I have two large shedding dogs. After 10 years and cleaning it out regularly, it just didn’t seem to pull up all the dog fur anymore like it used to (but hey, 10 years and putting it thru a hard life ain’t bad). So we just ordered the DC65 from this Woot and it showed up this morning, so I did one pass with the old DC14 followed by one pass with the DC65 in the same carpeted areas. Believe it or not, yes I vacuum all the time.




So basically the second pic above is what the 10 year old DC14 picked up, followed by the last pic above of what the DC65 picked up that the 10 year old DC14 left behind. (This is 6 days of dog fur and dirt in my house, not 6 months like you might believe).