Dyson DC65 Multifloor - 2 Colors

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Dyson DC65 Multifloor - 2 Colors
Price: $229.99
Shipping Options:: $5 Standard OR $10 Two-Day OR $20 One-Day
Shipping Estimates: Ships in 1-2 business days (Friday, Apr 10 to Monday, Apr 13) + transit
Condition: Factory Reconditioned


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4.5 Stars over at Target

Check out this review over at cnet

I highly recommend this model for Dyson fans. I recently bought the DC65 Animal on sale at Costco new. The price was higher, but it came with well over $75 of Dyson attachments this deal does not include so it was a wash. Also no shipping charge, it arrived in 2 days. This was an upgrade from my older Dyson DC25 ball. This vacuum is fantastic with outstanding performance. I used it on my recently vacuumed carpet and it picked up quite a bit of dust and lint. I really like the newer style filters on this model.

Is the fu****chsia vacuum the Animal Complete vacuum?

Cinetic is now the most powerful and it never clogs.

At 1/2 the best price I coukd find for cinetic, however, this looks like a good deal.

Whats the voltage on these bad boys? and can they be 220v and 110v?
Thanks in advance

No. It’s just purple. It comes with the regular attachments:

Stair tool
Combination accessory tool

My Google-fu says that it’s 110v only.

Is this the DC65 Multifloor or DC65 Animal? Title of deal obviously says Multifloor but in the specs it says package contains Dyson DC65 Animal. The color options also lead me to believe this is the Animal as I think the Multifloor only comes in the one grey/blue option.

Any help on clarifying?

Good review.

Is Woot more successful now than they used to be? I’ve bought 72 items on Woot but mostly before the buy-out. I miss having fewer but more interesting choices. One can only buy so many vacuum cleaners, TVs and laptops.

As if the ever decreasingly good deals on woot! and the continuous monotony of the same things up for sale is not enough, the auto-loading and continually repeating videos on these woot! pages may be enough to send me away from woot! for good. I’ve still come here to find the occasional good deal, but while I used to actually enjoy woot! so many years ago, it is certainly not an enjoyable site anymore. It’s crazy how it can continually decline like it has.

It’s does not come with the Animal accessory. We’ve removed the reference to “Animal” in the specs. THANKS!

I have one of those Wall mounted Dysons and that’s dual voltage. so I wasn’t sure its both (being an English product)

What kind of warranty does this Factory Reconditioned device come with? Either I’m blind or it is not specified on the page anywhere.

EDIT: It’s confirmed, I was blind, but now I see:

Warranty: 180 Day Dyson Warranty

I bought a refurb Dyson from Woot about two and half years ago, love it, love it, love it! Picks up cat hair like no tomorrow. Have not had any problems with it.

I bought one about two months ago when it was on sale at the Mothership. It was a refurb for $250 with free shipping, and came with an accessory kit, so a somewhat better deal than this one.

That said, I’ve only used one of the accessories so far, and I absolutely love the vacuum. My favourite features so far are the easy unloading of the canister and the hose.

My only complaint is about the hose – it’s constantly fighting to retract itself when I’m using it, so I’m always worrying that the vacuum will fall over if I stretch the hose out too far.

I bought a Dyson here on woot back in June of 2007 and I’m still using it, though it’s time to replace it. Still works pretty well, my only complaint is the collection canister has gotten loose and can separate when you’re wheeling it around or worse, carrying it. I think this will make a nice replacement.