Dyson DC65 Multifloor Upright Vacuum

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Dyson DC65 Multifloor Upright Vacuum
Price: $229.99
Shipping Options:: $5 Standard OR $10 Two-Day OR $20 One-Day
Shipping Estimates: Ships in 1-2 business days (Tuesday, Aug 25 to Wednesday, Aug 26) + transit
Condition: Factory Reconditioned


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Very good reviews (4.5 out of 5.0) over at The O

Here is the original sale

Review over at CNET

What GRADE of “reconditioned” Dyson being sold should be available information. I have bought Dysons from WOOT that had crystal clear plastic, but lately they have been selling “Grade B” reconditioned appliances- the plastic looks fogged from use and abrasion. They all work just fine, you can’t beat a Dyson, but they’ve been looking a bit rougher. Define for us what a Grade B Recon is…and state if that’s what it is, will’ya?

I read in an old Tibetan manuscript that, the day Dyson refurbs run out, the stars will all begin to extinguish.

So I guess we have at least a few more days…thanks!

Soooo many refurbs from Dyson. I swear Woot! would go under if these weren’t available.

Know what I don’t see much?..refurbed Shark vacuums. I’ll stick with them.

Anyone know the weight of this dyson? This is my very 1st post to Woot. How do I start my own post instead of only being able to reply? TIA

Maybe cause nobody buys them pieces of craps? :smiley:

I hated my DC65 for a few months, since i own a DC17 for almost 10 years, it felt so flimsy and cheap. But i grew to like it, very powerful, easy to maneuver.

Hi there. Congrats on your first post. To add a new comment, without replying to a post, look for this button at the top and bottom of the page.

Edit: On the weight, Cnet says 17 lbs and Target says 13 lbs.

If only I could put my creative evil genius to work and engineer something out of vacuum cleaners, flat screens and laptops I could rule the world, thanks to Woot.

Another day, another Dyson “sale” on Woot. They really should just add a Dyson category at the top and sell them 24/7.

I bought this last time. The unit I received has foggy plastic. It arrived with the wrong parts and it’s currently in the shop waiting on replacement parts to arrive. The red wand part doesn’t fit into the rest of the unit. Kinda disappointing

I’ve had my Animal Dyson for 15 or so years. It still works but this offer made me almost click ‘buy’.

Thanks for the reviews…I think I’ll pass on this offer now.

What’s happened to Dyson that there are so many refurb vacs? I’ve never had 1 issue with my Animal in 15 years so, maybe it’s clunky and not cool like this lighter version with a ball but Dyson’s are too expensive to have to replace often.

Retail places with liberal return policies.

So, buying an Oreck every 3 to 5 years has kinda been my experience through life. Doing this still seems more cost effective than buying a Dyson. Can anyone tell me, are these truly worth it? Do they work better than a traditional bag vacuum cleaner? Do they still have belts that break when you suck up a sock? I mean, I have an old Kirby that needs work, but is so bulky and heavy I would never really pull it out anyway even it was in working order. Can the Dyson suck like a Kirby but without the weight?

I would also like to know the grade. I just returned a grade B dyson I got from Amazon as it was filthy. The brushes and filter had been changed but all the plastic pipes had caked on dirt in them looked like it had been used to vacuum a cave. Scuff marks and scratched everywhere.

I have first hand knowledge after my wife encountered the same issue, with disturbing results- Apparently, there are so many defective and flawed units that they get sent back or sold to 3rd party vendors. There are “refurbished” units. And there are “refurshed refurbs” and even some that have been through the cycle 3 times. Nothing gets thrown out, just thrown back into the consumer stream. It’s a crap shoot as to which one you get. Dyson is foolish though, because in their greed and they polluted their brand with tainted quality.

I bought this last time and it’s the best vacuum I have ever owned. It did have a foggy container, but if that really bothers you you can get a new one for $30 on Dyson’s site. Even with a new container it’s still a great deal.