Dyson Floorcare & Air Multipliers

I really want one of these DC35’s but concerned on it being refurbished. Does anyone have any input on Dyson Refurbished items?

Everything I’ve bought from Woot had been great, especially the Dyson products. They look and operate af if they were new.

A friend bought a refurb Dyson a few years ago, I just asked him and he said it was like new and is still happy with it.

You could always pay the $31 for 1yr warranty?

I’m mostly debating if the DC44 is worth an extra $50…

Of the vacuums shown here, which is the most powerful? I live with a few animals and people with long hair and bad allergies. Thank you!

I have the DC44 and it has been great vacuum. I don’t think it could replace a regular vacuum, but it works great for inbetween. It gets used a lot more than the full size vacuum.

Hangs nicely on the wall, has plenty of power. I would recommend it.

I did not purchase mine refurbished, so I can not speak for the quality of refurb, but new it has worked like a champ.

Our current Dyson was purchased refurbished and it’s been great. I’m only looking to replace 3 years later since we’ve used it every single day over the past 3 years and it’s seen quite a bit of abuse from my 4 year old who likes to help. I think if I only had older children who were allergic to helping, then it would still be going strong.

Just purchased a refurb unit from woot and received last week. It looks like it spent 3 years as a floor model at a department store with kids beating the crap out of it. That said, works very well and is better than sweeping the kitchen floor.

i have all dyson refurbish vacs. they work great.

I would agree, they all work like new. One thing I have some issues with is the life of the battery - for battery powered ones. It died on me after less than a year.

That isn’t isolated to refurbs though. My battery died on the handheld that i have in less than a year, but because i wasn’t the one using it, we missed the warranty window :frowning:

The DC25 is going to be the most powerful of the models offered. Look at the specs tab and compare the airwatts of suction.

I have actually owned a DC07, DC14, and now a DC40. And they have all worked quite well with sucking up pet hair. Also, all dyson vacuums have a washable HEPA filter thats built in, and if it ever needs to be replaced, you can get them for free from Dyson.

A word of warning: ALL vacuums, no matter the brand, that have a beater brush will eventually get clogged up from long hair. YMMV.

It’s the same price on Amazon with free shipping if you have Prime. People at woot should really check their parent company’s prices.

The DC44 is the only one that is true for, and that’s if you get the refurbished model on Amazon. Refurbished is different from Factory Reconditioned- the process for the latter is typically much more intensive.

Even with that aside, all the other models listed are at significantly reduced prices compared to Amazon.

Could a Woot! staffer please weigh in on whether there is actually a difference here? I certainly understand that there might be a difference between ‘factory reconditioned’ and ‘refurbished’ in some cases where an item is refurbished by a third party, but I would be shocked to learn that there is a difference between ‘factory reconditioned’ and ‘manufacturer refurbished’. Particularly in this case where they both have the same exact warranty from Dyson…

Different companies use different terms and I can on speak for Woot. For us:

A “factory reconditioned” item was returned, inspected, and restored to fully working condition by the original manufacturer or a certified partner. And the original manufacturer stands behind it with a warranty. It’s as close to new as you can get without technically being “new”.

A “refurbished” item is usually reconditioned via a 3rd party vendor and typically carries a Woot warranty.

I just bought the Dyson DC24 all floors here as a reee furrbe. It showed some signs of wear, but works well. I had another Dyson in a previous life (ie: marriage) that was great. The trouble…this one is kinda small. Not up to some of the tasks I wanted it for. Be sure the Dyson you buy is the Dyson you want.

Can anyone confirm that if I leave the DC44 fully charged in the docking station won’t wear down the battery life over time? I have had rechargeable vacuums before and didn’t lasts long because of dead battery in docking station.

What is the cost.

OF DC44?