Dyson Floorcare and Air Multipliers

I ordered the AM02 in silver. I saw that it was factory reconditioned, but figured that wouldn’t be an issue. The fan works fine, but it’s scratched to all hell! The discount was pretty awesome, but if I would have known the fan would arrive in such poor condition I would have just bought a brand new fan at a less expensive price point. Aren’t aesthetics at least 80% of why someone would buy a Dyson?

anyone know if this comes with the stair tool?

Which item?

The photos and Specs should show what they come with. If it’s missing, let us know.

the dyson dc39 factory reconditioned.
when you look it up online, it says it comes with a stair cleaning attachment, but I don’t see one in the photos.

I too want to know. Does the DC39 Purple (Animal) come with the turbine tool?

Anyone know how safe an investment this is? The new vacuums come with a 5 flippin’ year factory warranty while these reconditioned ones only come with a 6 month one.

I highly doubt that – the “tangle free turbine tool” is usually a highlight (Dyson blah-blah… WITH Turbine Tool) or an optional accessory. And the way the images stack, it doesn’t seem like the DC39 come with any of the additional heads the DC41 is pictured with.

I’ve got the smaller models for myself, but I have to ask – other than the larger canister (and twice the heft), why lug these bigger models?

It’ too bad. The “animal” version is supposed to come with the tangle-free turbine tool, combination tool, and stair tool. This is probably why it’s a good $200 MORE than the “non-animal” version. If you only get the mult-floor version of this with just the stair tool, then you’re only saving about $100 off from Amazon’s price for a new vacuum instead of A LOT more. http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00B61S7X4

I ordered last week and have already received the purple animal… the box does say Animal. It came with a few BASIC attachments, but not the turbine tool. However, this is an impressive vacuum, in spotless condition! As per reviews I read before ordering, you do not even feel the canister following behind you… And retractable cord is a huge plus for me!

I’m trying to buy the AM02 floor fan, but every time I click the stupidly large gold button, nothing happens. Anyone else having problems?

Gypsy56 I am having the same problem and when I try to email support I get server errors from there side.

I would love to order the DC41 for my new apartment, however I’m a little hesitant to order anything from Woot ever again. My last order for a set of Rachel Ray mugs and pasta bowls (total $25 and a few cents) has completely disappeared from my “stuff you bought” page. I emailed customer support but no reply yet on why my order disappeared. My card was charged but the money seems to have been put back. Very disconcerting.

Sorry for the trouble. If it was during Black Friday or Cyber Monday, we experienced some ordering issues as there was a huge amount of traffic on our site. Rest assured, things should go as expected with future orders.

I ordered a DC41 about a year ago on woot. Fantastic purchase. There’s no reason it won’t last you a long time. Obviously nothing is guaranteed, but mine works like a champ.

I just bought the DC 41 on monday when it was the featured item on the main woot page. I saw all the comments about it not including the tangle free turbine tool, however, the one that I got did include that tool, making it the animal model. My friend ordered one as well so I’ll check in with them to see if they received the tool as well.

the vacuum cleaner was sparkling clean and works great. There’s a paper that they include with the manuals that explains that you can order a new dustbin if you want.

So far so good!

Can anyone let me know what happened to my order number 47115387? My case number is CAS-520666-H1C3Y7. I ordered this on Monday, got the confirmation email and now nothing is showing up in Stuff I Bought, nor has my credit card been charged. No one at support is getting back to me. This was supposed to be a Holiday present so if anyone can help I’d really appreciate it.

I’m sorry but it looks like your order got caught by our security checks and was denied.

Apologies for any inconvenience.

Thank you for letting me know. This is very disappointing. Even more so is the fact that I was not notified. I just purchased this vacuum at Overstock.com for a comparable price - I don’t know that I’ll be attempting to shop at Woot again.