Dyson Floorcare

For the DC23 (Yellow) Turbinehead vacuum you folks consistently use photos that display a vacuum with a motorhead. Maybe that’s why it’s a sellout; people think they’re getting a really special, special deal.

I just bought the DC 39 last week and have used it a few times. It is awesome and has incredible suction. I debated between the DC23 and DC39 the last few times woot had Dyson’s. The 39 has around 20% more suction and several other nice upgrades, well worth the $20 extra. Every part looked like new on my 39 refurb I bought from woot except the turbine head attachment. The turbine head had some clear rough wear and tear and didn’t appear to be refurbished at all. I called Dyson to complain today, they are sending me a replacement part to make things right and I will just send back the rough looking part. In my mind what you are really giving up with a Dyson refurb is the 5 year warranty, well 4.5 years of that warranty. Make sure you use your Dyson a lot the first 5.9 months and call Dyson with any issues you find. After the warranty period any faulty parts you need to replacement can be very costly.

I bought the DC24 during the last wootoff; used it a few times since getting it. It arrived in remarkably great condition with the exception that the wheels looked like someone rolled them in baby powder. I’ve used it 4-5 times and it’s remarkable how much stuff it picks up versus my old vacuum. The canister doesn’t last much longer than 1 condo vacuuming (approx 1200 sq ft).

Woot used to have Dyson accessory kits in these sales. With all the Dyson vacs you guys have sold, you ought to get some more of the accessory tools and accessory kits up here for those of us who’ve already bought Woot’s Dyson vacs. :slight_smile:

Good suggestion. We’ve offered some in the past. Problem is that we can’t get the killer deals y’all like.

if amazon can’t get a “killer deal” with their clout…who the heck can???

Ha! Last time we offered some accessories, Amazon beat our price. Hence the term independent subsidiary.

Been a while since I wooted. In for one for the wifey.

Thanks woot for always being there for me…and so easily taking my money with your tempting deals.

Any time, Scizzae. Any time.