Dyson Hot+Cool Fan (Choose Model/Color)

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Dyson Hot+Cool Fan (Choose Model/Color)
Price: $149.99 - 169.99
Shipping Options:: $5 Standard OR $10 Two-Day OR $20 One-Day
Shipping Estimates: Ships in 1-2 business days (Friday, Dec 18 to Monday, Dec 21) + transit
Condition: Factory Reconditioned


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Check out the product page for the AM05

“A combination of the technologies used in turbochargers and jet engines generates a powerful flow of air.”

My AM05 sure sounds like it uses jet engine technology…

It heats a room well, moves plenty of air, has a convenient remote that sits on top with an internal magnet. Thermostat seems pretty accurate and it’s been a pretty reliable unit for the past couple years. No (accessible/obvious) fan blades for a toddler to try to stick things in.

If noise doesn’t bother you, I highly recommend this unit. It’s louder on the lowest setting than my Honeywell tower fan is on high. The unit goes to 10 but I never put it past 3 because it makes too much noise.

are these affected by the recall?

They sold the AM04 for $129 in May this last year, I picked one up then for a gift. Saved $20 over the last minute price!

Ugh! The only thing preventing me from buying is not knowing how loud it can get…

WHAT??? I can’t hear you. Hold on, let me turn this thing off.

Wow, 1,500 watts. That’s like turning on 30 50-watt light bulbs on in your house. You can probably hear the electric meter spinning.

Box Fan loud.

I purchased one of the AM04 models about 2 years ago and I personally love it… because I need to sleep with a loud fan on. I really should take some decibel readings for my own knowledge.

These are factory refurbished which means may have been returned from the recall or a consumer had an issue under warranty. factory repaired the unit and deemed it resalable at a reduced cost. I have a refurbished one and have had little problems only issue is dust clogging up the air inlet so I took a vacuum to it and it works better again.

You do know this unit HAS A HEATER IN IT TO KEEP YOU WARM. DUH!!! that is why it has a higher wattage but its only when you have it in heat mode. You can leave it on cool which makes it nothing more than a fan. It does circulate nicely.

I bought one of these about a year ago from Woot. Unfortunately, it has since stopped working.

I want to say that this is an issue with factory reconditioned items from Woot since I’ve purchased FOUR monitors from Woot - 3 of which were defective (one having the bezel cracked), but maybe it’s just me…

I bought one last year and it did not rotate, so I had to return it. It came to me like that. Wonder how well these are tested before they are re-sold. Still considering another one…

These really are excellent machines. The current version (AM09) is MUCH quieter, and that was why I put out the much bigger bucks for it, but the AM05 is a real bargain at this price, and not really all that loud. Unless extremely quiet operation is important to you, I would say buy the AM05 and enjoy it.

I bought one 2 years ago. It was working well until it was recalled. They sent all the information and I sent it back. However, I got a BRAND NEW one in trade. I didn’t question it at all. It heats my office in the basement to a toasty 70 degrees without any effort. It is a little quieter than a box fan, but not by much. The cat loves it and the kids think it is weird. Overall I am happy with my purchase.

Hey all! Buyer confirms the recall fix has been applied to all Woot inventory.

Hmm…seems the 05 moves a bit more air and rotates more than the 04…according to specs, so answer is not right.

Woot!'s takeover by Amazon seems to really have diminished this site. I find the offerings far less interesting and my purchases far less often since then. I used to check out Woot! every day, but now seem to only do it a day or two a week. Sad.