Dyson Mattress Tool



I’ve never heard of vacuuming your mattress.


For $10 more you can get more dyson attachments and Zorb carpet cleaner.

Amazon also has the mattress tool for $22.93. It’s Prime, so if you have that, it would be cheaper than buying on Woot and paying the $5 shipping.


Unless you’ve already paid the $5 shipping on something else and aren’t in a rush…


Thank you for this! (sorry woot)


I could not resist the $30 bundle, thanks for posting!


I was going to chime in and write that the mattress tool is AWESOME. It is great to use on the sofa. I use mine on the futon cushion that my 100b GSD sleeps on. It does a wonderful job of sucking up his fur.

Now I saw the deal you posted and WOW, that is the real deal. I got the combo pack a few months back, but the Amazon deal you posted is well worth the extra $10


Will these work on other vacuums or just Dyson?


Wasn’t it Jeff Foxworthy who said if you need to vacuum your bed it’s time to change the sheets ?