Dyson UP13 Ball Animal Upright Vacuum

Bought one and the plastic piece that holds the bottom on broke after the first use. To be fair, it worked great, got lots of dog hair out of the carpet. Contacted woot customer service because I wanted a replacement, but they could only refund or direct me to Dyson to get a repair. Was expecting maybe they just didn’t have any left, but I see that they are here again. Been a customer for years, I just want a working vacuum. I was disappointed to say the least. Customer service has always been great from woot until this. I don’t get why they couldn’t just replace the vacuum.

The pictures show what looks like pendant light being vacuumed but I don’t see a part, like a hose attachment, that would allow you to reach that high. Is there a part not showing that is needed? What configuration would be need to do what the picture shows?

The vacuum has an integrated hose that will reach lamps, stairs, etc.

Thank you, Alcamp!

Specs should have the weight.
What does the thing weigh, how hard is it to push. My wife is small and not very strong. We have two vacuums currently, one small and light, doesn’t do a good enough job, the other heavy and cumbersome, works good…

Here you go:

Weight 17.56 lbs. ;Bin Volume 0.55 gallons; Cord Length 35 ft. ;Maximum Reach 51.7 ft.