Dyson UP14 Cinetic Big Ball Animal Vac

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Dyson UP14 Cinetic Big Ball Animal Vac
Price: $159.99
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Condition: Factory Reconditioned


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OMG, I’m so tired of pulling hairs off the roller, dragging the unit around, and cleaning filters!

I’m going to take a flyer on this because the filters on mine just went up to almost 30$!

these don’t suuuk LOL ! I can vacuum kitty litter by the pound off of tarps with ease . ok price.

We have one of these with two large furry friends. They work absolutely amazing. With the old vac, we would have to go over the rugs multiple times to get them clean. With this one it’s maybe twice and we are done. Only issue we have ever had was on very short threaded rugs on another rug. The suction was too strong and would get stuck. Other than that, when it does get clogged it is easy to clean. (We were cleaning up wood chips from bringing wood in for wood stove when this happened. Probably not the correct use of it.) Over all, we have had ours for a year and a half and are considering getting this one at this price point just to have around.

Is there an on/off switch for hardwood vs. carpet for the roller?

Yes there is. It’s right beside the power button.

We have one of these and it’s terrific. We have a golden retriever that sheds a couple of fistfuls of fur a day as well as another dog and a cat. We used to have carpet which hid the fur really well. Our new hardwood floors don’t, so we have to vacuum more often. You can turn the carpet brush on and off.

I have one of these. It seems my golden retriever enjoys seeing me use the vacuum so much he sheds a ghost dog amount of fur just to lay down and watch me vacuum it up. It’s more of a “Meh, this will do for entertainment.” sort of thing for him; but, I comply nonetheless.

I actually have the allergy model, but I did purchase the tangle-free turbine tool due to us having a dog. The hair would get in our navy blue comforter and it drove me crazy. None of the other attachments would remove it. The turbine tool removed it effortlessly. I paid $60 for the tool alone, so the fact that it comes in this package makes it a great deal.

I keep coming back here to see the comments as I want to buy this thing.
ALL of the recent reviews on Amazon (almost bar none) are negative.
Some say it dies, some say the ball breaks, burning rubber smell, attachments not present, etc.
All of the reviews here in this thread are positive.
Can anyone explain the disparity?
It looks as though all reviews from 2016 are positive, but any in the last year are really bad (and some note-“like they switched companies.”

Not sure why there’s a sharp turn around in reviews.

That said, I helped a friend disassemble his (for cleaning and repair), and was pretty shocked at how flimsy everything was (especially given the high original price).

My Electrolux and my GF’s Shark both seem much better constructed.

I don’t get the hype…

We have a Dyson Ball Animal, don’t remember the version. The power switch had to be replaced twice, once by them and once I just bought the part on Amazon after watching a youtube. The main thing that irritates me about it is that while the commercials present the guy as such an engineering genius, the engineering is STUPID! All the filters and suction in the world do you zero good if the ball also contains the exhaust air. So, on a sunny day, watch all the dirt, dust and air joyously propelled into the air every time the stupid ball rotates. It is possibly, the worst design for a vacuum in the history of vacuums. In my opinion, which admittedly isn’t based in anything other than observation, I’m not vacuum engineer by trade or anything. Like I told by GF regarding the pleasant warranty experience for the first switch replacement, it was fine, no problem. I couldn’t tell you how the warranty process is with the other vacuum because it’s never needed servicing…

WOW! Your dog does shed a lot if it sheds a couple of fistfuls of fur as well as another dog an cat. Maybe a trip to vet would be a good idea. (Insert RIM SHOT sound here)

My last 2 items ordered from Woot that were refurbished were DOA. One was a Dyson and the problem was finally resolved by Dyson after arguing with them for a week.

The other item was an HD Kindle that needed to be sent back to Woot. I will likely not be buying anything else from Woot that is recertified or refurbished. 2 in a row is 2 too many.

What made it especially bad was that both items were Christmas gifts for my wife.

I bought the Dyson DC50 Multi floor vacuum in July 2015 from W00t!. I have two large dogs and my wonderful girlfriend (cough, housekeeper extraordinaire) says it’s amazing and she likes it better than our 20+ year old working Kirby. I replaced the head once because neither of us were cleaning it properly; that was $90. The vacuum was a refurbished unit and looked new. It was $219. Based on that, this seems like a no-brainer just to keep on a different floor of the estate (cough, modest colonial.) Plus with two Dyson’s, life will just suck that much more!

I got this vacuum here at woot (refurbished) maybe a year or more ago.
It arrived looking and working like new.
This thing sucks. The dog hair that our other vacuums leave are gone after using this thing. It’s just amazing. We have two slightly spoiled dogs that leave hair everywhere.The cup thing is very easy to dump in the garbage can.

If you have dogs, GET THIS VACUUM!

How far back does the these don’t suck comment go? Seems like I’ve seen it since close to the beginning.

Man, mine is in Indiana already? Oh, I guess it is starting there