Dyson UP16 Upright Vacuum

Dyson UP16 Upright Vacuum

I really like my Dyson Upright Vacuum. Still going after all these years.

So… My Dyson UP15 was Just ordered from Woot, and just arrived today… it is a “small ball” upright. It is $10 more than this – the models are a little confusing to keep track of- but is this one “UP” worse?;). A super cursory Google search seem to imply that maybe the 16 had more attachments?.. What are the benefits of one versus the other? This one seems pretty light but (may be) a little heavier?... Should I have waited? The Google search results got more and more confusing with all these model numbers and changes over the years…

Also, I think the 16 mentions Hepa filtration and this one doesn’t?

-wondering if this sucks for me? in Ohio:)

Is this cordless? All the pics suggest it is and the WOOT specs don’t seem to answer that question. But I know the marketing ‘savvy’ of these images can be deceiving.

While they did a very good job of concealing all the cords, it’s not cordless.

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I’m wondering the same thing. Got my small ball on Monday … hmmm

How is this thing on carpets?
Pet hair?

Thoughts on whether this Dyson is worth paying substantially more for when compared to the Shark also on the site today?

I have a different Dyson and love it.

My brother has a different Shark and loves it.

Guess that didn’t help much.

Woot: What other model number does this have?
When I search Amazon for UP16 replacement filters, I get all kinds of different results, none of which mention UP16. All of the models appear to have DC as a prefix before 2 digits.

I’d like to make sure the filters are readily available as I’m considering buying this to replace my perfectly functional Eureka, simply because it’s always a royal pain to find anyplace selling the filters for it. I don’t want to end up in the same place again with a great vacuum with no replacement filters available.

Hi there. It’s in the specs:

In the Box:

(1) Dyson UP16 Upright Vacuum 214580-02

Is this ever going to ship? “Preparing for shipment, estimated delivery date 7/8”