Dyson Upright or Cordless Vacuum

Dyson Upright or Cordless Vacuum

I like both my Dyson Upright and Cordless Vacuum. Still going after all these years.

We had a Dyson Animal for many years. I think perhaps the seals were leaking, as it did not have the suction power that it did when new. We replaced it with a Shark and that thing still amazes me after 3 years and counting.

That is what I heard the suction power on Dyson is just so so, nothing great but effective for some jobs. When you look deep in to product reviews again its never on top, Shark and some hoovers out rank it time and time again.

I wonder if its the case of people spending 5-600 on a vacuum and are too shy to admit they 're just ok.

Dysons are the Prius of Vacuum cleaners

I purchased the stick vacuum here that no longer works and just yesterday I was shopping for a replacement. I bought the stick vac to clean my cars, for which, when it works it’s ok, I’m not buying another for 139.
We also own the upright. My wife bought this at retail and was so proud to show it to our cleaning lady. she laughed and waived it away “oh no …no I’d rather use my own, it’s much better”. hers is a eureka or electrolux canister vac. this canister vac is a monster and a struggle to haul around, but she thinks it’s worth the hassle.

We have had our OG dyson animal for almost 13 years and its still going strong. Is it the best vac out there? I have no idea as I haven’t used another in 13 years but it got the job done with having 2 Labs in the house.

I just wasted half a day trying to ‘vacuum’ my little camper with a Bissel Featherweight. Why I ever thought it was more than a F-ing Dust Buster with a pretend floor attachment and flimsy stick handle…:woman_facepalming:t3: I am in the market for something very compact but effective. This next one better SUCK!

I recently purchased the Dyson Animal 2 Upright Vacuum. Unsatisfied is the first word that comes to mind. The vacuum arrived today and my wife and I were very excited. That excitement quickly faded away once we opened the box. The main canister was covered with scratches and deep gouges, not just small blemishes. I was willing to look pass the aesthetics of the vacuum though, I did buy it reconditioned. As I assembled the vacuum I noticed how low quality the parts were. The handle is cheap plastic and felt like it was going to break in my hand. Even with the negative first impression I still wanted to give the vacuum a try. I tried the vacuum on our wood floors and the carpets. There is little to no suction. It was missing crumbs on the multiple passes. Long story short this vacuum missed the mark, I am hoping that I can return it.