Dyson Upright or V8 Stick Vacuum

Dyson Upright or V8 Stick Vacuum

I like my Dyson Upright.

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I prefer mine lying down.


the battery lasts 7 minutes and then you have recharge over night

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Does anyone know anything about what the warranty is on this vaccum cleaner? I am interested in Upright version of it

7 minutes would be for the maximum power, the regular strength works fine for most applications for me, and that gives 20-30 minutes. Keep in mind these are activated by a trigger, so those run times are literal run times; whenever you’re not depressing the trigger, the run time isn’t counting down (like moving between rooms).

Give me a good old fashioned AC plug and an extension cord. I’ve had two of these battery operated versions and they are junk in my book.

And why Dyson is no longer making plug in vacuum cleaners is beyond me. My bet is that other brands – like Shark – have done better and they are like half the price.

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My suggestion is to get a plug in vacuum. The battery doesnt last very long at all – like minutes.

Dyson’s plug in vacuums were great but they have been surpassed by other brands.

Today’s Woot Sucks…a lot of dirt!

Does Dyson actually sell any vacuums at a place OTHER than woot?

I love my battery powered Dyson, I had a V6, gave it to my daughter and got a V7.
Yes the battery does not last that long and the bin is small but it’s so convenient to grab out of the basement stairs and do a few rooms, dump it and then hang it up to charge. Doing stairs with it is so much better then the big vac. It recharges pretty quick.
So now vacuuming isn’t a huge chore because before “I got that damn thing out so I will do the whole house”

Second the request for warranty info. Refurbs from Dyson have a 6 month warranty. Are these Dyson refurbs or someone else? I’d jump on this if it were a Dyson refurb, but otherwise I’ll take a pass and go to the Dyson refurb website. EDIT: Just saw they added Warranty: 6 Months Dyson. I’m in.

@tripletdaddy @BiscuitGirl

Morning! We list warranty information at the bottom of the features. These have:

Warranty: 6 Months Dyson

Yes. QVC

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SO let’s see, if it’s someone else’s that has been fixed you’d buy it, but if it’s new, you won’t? Great logic there.

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Any idea if the battery is new? If not, I wonder how much use it has had. Any insight on this would be appreciated!

Also, I see this is the V8 and I guess they have newer versions of this? Not sure if there are big improvements, also would appreciate thoughts on this.

I’m considering getting the upright for our ranch style home, where unplugging and plugging is a big pain. We have 2 younger boys, no pets (but may get a dog in the future). So just want something that can handle that!

Dyson tests the battery and replaces it if needed.

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I get you have a colossal grudge about these, and your reading comprehension of my previous post is lacking. But you do you.


What the heck Arfdawd…serious Dyson anger issues here. Did you get something stuck in the stick and it took 6 min to get it out?

I have the Dyson stick and hands down, best portable vac I have ever owned by a country mile.


iv had my V 8 for about 2 yrs + a few months,love it but the battery life is getting shorter, on high about 2 minutes, on low about 10 minutes just barley enough to get most of the house done, have been thinking of buying a generic battery off amazon cost about $50 and mostly good reports on them few a few lemons as well.I really would love a corded version of the V 8 dragging the cord wouldn’t be that big of a deal. i do still have my big Dyson that is corded, have had it for over 15 yrs and running great, but have a almost all hardwood floor house this last couple yrs so hardly use it…LOL