Dyson V10 Animal Cordfree Vacuum Cleaner

Dyson V10 Animal Cordfree Vacuum Cleaner

This image does not make me want to buy it. But I’m gonna anyway.

Buy one for me, too, please. Woot has my address.

Feel free to forward your vacuum to me once you decide that you don’t actually want it.

Sure. Let me fill it with Laffy Taffy first.

The Laffy Taffy needs to stay in the original packaging.

It doesn’t get much more original than a Dyson vacuum.

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Been waiting for this deal. In for one.

Anyone know the difference between this and the motorhead version? I can get a new motothead V10 for $369 with no sales tax and full warranty, so trying to figure out if this is worth it or if I should just go for the new one for $40-50 more.

Newegg appears to have the same thing for $30 cheaper: https://www.newegg.com/dyson-180846-02/p/0JA-000S-00078?item=9SIADVWAPG1959&source=googleshopping&nm_mc=knc-googlemkp-mobile&cm_mmc=knc-googlemkp-mobile--pla-dyson--broom+%26+stick+vacuums-_-9SIADVWAPG1959&gclsrc=aw.ds&&gclid=Cj0KCQjwirz3BRD_ARIsAImf7LP70RR_S-RilnNReRIDD4hYT571IyXiNjOOaywradb8yWYj4pFMdMoaAjU2EALw_wcB

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I had two hand held Dysons and threw them both away. The battery life is minuscule. Like under 10 minutes until you have to charge it again. There is nothing like an AC plug in the wall unit for power. Why Dyson decided to stop making AC vacuum cleaners is beyond me, except that Shark has the same technology for less money. Maybe that’s why.

Anyway, I’d never ever buy a battery operated vacuum.


Dyson still makes AC powered cleaners, but isn’t directing R&D dollars that way. If you are only getting 10 minutes of battery life you are using it wrong. Don’t be offended, most people use these wrong (even when the use the lower settings for longer battery life.)

Cordless stick vacuums cannot be your primary or only vacuum if you have carpet. Like robot vacuums, they are good for cleaning up surface litter, but you still need to do your regular vacuuming with a full power cleaner. Notice, I did not say full powered AC power cleaner. There are some full power cordless cleaners out there. This isn’t one of those so I’m not going to stray too far off topic with those.

Now if you have no carpeting or low pile area rugs only, this machine is good enough for most cleaning. You don’t run the machine on high power except in the most extreme circumstances. This cleaner will also work for a lot of above floor cleaning.

The comment I’m replying to mentions Shark. Shark is actually worse than Dyson. Shark doesn’t have the separation technology meaning more stuff makes it to the filter. Secondly, neither Shark, nor Dyson are known for longevity. Shark machines may last two years if really well taken care of. Dyson says the life of their machines is two to five years. The major difference is, Dyson sells repair parts, Shark does not. Shark is practically the only name brand a vacuum cleaner store cannot fix.

I don’t want to discourage anyone from taking advantage of this deal, but I want to get the facts out there. This is not going to replace your corded machine for weekly cleaning of carpets, but for touch up cleaning, this is an acceptable machine.

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Bought a Dyson V8 refurb thru Newegg few months ago. It arrived delayed. Box was damaged, unit was dirty/dusty, scratched and dented. Dyson was obnoxious about taking it back and refused to replace it. Took over a month to get $ back finally after numerous inquiries. No surprise there are so many of these refurb deals all over the place. If you search you will find many similar stories…

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Newegg Is selling the V-10 Absolute copper for $30 less than the WOOT V-10 Animal. The Animal model has a listed runtime of 60 minutes whereas the Absolute maxes out at 35 minutes. The extra money is worth the longer runtime imo.

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As i said, Dyson stopped making corded vacuums.

True, this model’s battery can run up to 60 minutes. But ONLY if you don’t use the roller brush!

Dyson markets this as the ONLY vacuum you will need.

The above article also says Dyson claims in the fine print that the V10 lasts only 35 minutes on its lowest suction setting.

(Parenthetically, Consumer Reports has pulled all recommendations for Dyson due to severe reliability issues.)

Poster says you can’t repair a Shark. Really? First of all the Shark vacuums are guaranteed for life!


Secondly, you can also find a TON of local repair centers.


I’ll stick with a corded vacuum.