Dyson V10 Total Clean+ Cordless Vacuum

Dyson V10 Total Clean+ Cordless Vacuum

We currently have a V10 and are getting this one for our other floor level. The V10 works well and we have been happy with it but keep in mind it will empty the battery REAL fast in high. We usually run it on medium which gives decent battery life.


I’ve got two V10’s one for home and one for the cabin. The 3 speeds, easy emptying, and longer battery are greatly improved over the V8 model.

I have two of these sitting in my pantry that are totally unusable, and that doesn’t count the one that I sent back and had replaced. These are awesome “when” they work, but each lasted less than a week. I’ve researched their “surging” issue (YouTube it), and tried to resolve the issue via the numerous tutorials, but they are absolutely dead in the water.

If you do purchase one, Good Luck and save your boxes for return. Woot has first of class customer service and return considerations.


On CBS Sunday Morning yesterday, Billy Crystal compared his Dyson (similar to this one) to an Oscar! He seemed to love it.

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Only source I trust when comparing vacuums.

As for comparing price.
NewEgg sold the Total Clean V10 for $220 on 2/3/2021

Is Woot 100% sure this is the Total Clean version and not the Motorhead? Usually the Total Clean comes with blue accents rather than purple AND it includes the fluffy head. I don’t see this mentioning either and really makes me think this is the motorhead equivalent not the absolute equivalent. I could be wrong and they may have changed this for the V10 but that’s how it worked with previous total cleans at early release.

Absolute = best attachments, so you’d want this to include the fluffy head otherwise I’d hold out.

https://www.dyson.com/support/journey/spare-details.966489-12.230314-01 ← this is the head that is a game changer that everyone wants especially for any hard wood floors.

Personally I’d rather wait for the Absolute to go back on sale as it’s $280 from Newegg and Walmart when on sale, was on sale multiple times of March this year an for $20 getting that fluffy head is a HUGE improvement.

Personally I avoid newegg because they’re a crappy company with shady policies. So stick to Woot if they price is similar.

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Stv, where did you get that list? What app?

I agree. Without the soft roller this Woot offering isn’t such a great deal.

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It’s slickdeals, I don’t use their app though just the website. I don’t trust their app but their database is always worth searching for price comparisons.

I think you have the models mixed up…

Absolute and total care have the soft brush, total care has the most attachments

As much as google results may tell you that, if you dig deeper it appears that isn’t true. Check the bottom of this post for updates as this does NOT include the fluffy brush and it has less power than the Absolute.

Exactly what I am referring to as Woot states:

  • Crevice Tool
  • Docking station
  • Combination Tool
  • Direct Drive Cleaner Head
  • Soft Dusting Brush
  • Mini Motorized Tool

They do not mention the fluffy. They mention the Combination Tool and Soft Dusting Brush which are essentially the same thing except the combination can be adjusted to be a direct suction tool without the duster and the soft dusting brush is a larger version of the combination tool but with JUST the soft brushing. The Mini Motorized Tool is a smaller version of the main head attachment for vacuuming.

https://www.amazon.com/Dyson-Soft-Roller-Cleaner-966489-12/dp/B07R69WR97 ← Again this is the soft roller head people want. If this doesn’t include it and the Absolute does, then the Absolute is superior.

Crevice Tool

Combination Tool
Direct Drive Cleaner Head

Soft Dusting Brush
Mini Motorized Tool

So Woot never mentions the fluffy attachment and it appears it’s not included. Thus the Absolute would be by far the better deal unless this is simply a bad listing. Thus what I want Woot to confirm which is true.

So to remove any confusion if Woot includes this then it’s a good deal, if not pay the extra $20 from Walmart for the Absolute and get the far better attachment:

I believe Dyson originally included this brush in the V10 total clean UNTIL they discovered how much of a game changer it was and how they could sell the more expensive V11+ models with it and sell them easier.

Now I don’t believe it’s as easy to find them included.

This is what I expect it to come with but the description doesn’t seem to match. So hopefully Woot can help by looking and seeing if it’s included. Again though, please prove me wrong. I would love this to include the fluffy as it originally did at one time… but based on what I am seeing, that seems to be a thing of the past and isn’t the case in this scenario.

Hope Woot have time to check before this expires. :slight_smile:

Follow up this graph shows I am correct:

Citation: Dyson V10 Total Clean vs Absolute (2021): Which Cordless Vacuum Should You Get? - Compare Before Buying

Absolute: Torque Drive
Total Clean: Direct Drive.

Torque drive > Direct Drive.

Go with the Absolute.


Well, guess I’ll wait. Thanks for all the info!


We’ve confirmed with the vendor that the attachments we have listed ARE CORRECT.

Thank you!

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Thank you, there we have it, no fluffy brush.

My old Woot Tyson requires I hold the button all the time to use the unit. Does this unit require that, or will unit stay on with just a push now?

Correct, you have to hold the button. This is due to a limit amount of battery and doing their best to prevent battery waste. I am not aware of any changes even as new as the Dyson V15 in reference to this.

I highly suggest looking into robot vacuums if you’re having pain while vacuuming as this may be more suitable for your usage.

I believe you’re inquiring about the deals comparison. That would be Slick Deals.

Never cared for the two robot vacuums I tried. But there are other makers of these types of vacuums where you do not have to hold the button the whole time I just bought a spare battery - easy on Amazon. I bought a cheapie MOOSOO and really like it, but not the quality of a Dyson. But a lot lighter weight, has a light on the front of the roller, easier to maintain.

I’m only here to say that Dyson does a great job on their refurbs. Nine years ago I bought a DC14 (full upright, not like these) here off Woot, and worked flawlessly until some numbnut in the family egregiously broke it a few months ago.

Looks like this is going back. Fully charged overnight and ran for less than five minutes before dead. The battery lights are bass ackwards. All lights on when it’s dead? Stupid.
Very disappointed.

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Did you call Dyson? I had one problem with my refurb on arrival and they took care of it immediately. I bet they would send you a new battery.