Dyson V6 Absolute

I’m confused, the features say it includes the soft roller cleaner head and direct-drive cleaner head, however, the specs lists neither of those two heads as included. What’s the story here?

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This deal sucks =P

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I hope, lot of money for a vacuum especially if it doesn’t suck. Anyway, I have two of the lesser models without the extention and attachments, basically dustbuster models, love them, this model worth $200 more?

This is about $129 more than the last dyson rechargeable vacuums sold here. I wonder why the big price difference? I know this is the V6 and the other one was the older model, but still. There isn’t that big a difference between the two.

I purchased this before Mother’s Day, it took two weeks to just start shipping. You might think that you could charge while in the wall holder; nope, you have to charge it then hang on wall. Some parts don’t fit properly and need to be taped on to stay while you clean. Nice colors though.

I’ve owned previous hand held vacuums by Dyson and they never quite did the trick. I even owned the one with the attachment for Swifter wet pads - total failure. Dyson actually backed away after that model and spent some serious R&D to perfect something to be used on hardwood floors after that abomination of a device. I ended up using that for a trade in towards this model. I was very dubious about the weird fuzzy triangle attachment, but after a year of owning it, I can attest that it does a damn fine job of cleaning up hardwood floors, and its good for small area carpet duty as well. If you own an older Dyson that doesn’t work, or you want to upgrade a working unit, you can get a slightly better deal trading it in in a Dyson store during a sale. (Sale price + add’n 20% off for the trade in.) If not, this is a great price.

You can charge while in the holder. The charging cord goes through and sits inside where you would put the vacuum and goes right into the vacuum.

refurbished…so someone else bought it and had a problem and returned it.
I should buy it why?

I had the “doesn’t charge in the holder” problem on an early iteration of the model before this one (maybe two before? I don’t track 'em that close), and I finally realized I didn’t have the cord the wall mount quite right. After re-seating the cord, everything worked great.