Dyson V6 Animal Cordless Vacuum

Dyson V6 Animal Cordless Vacuum

If you don’t care about the mini-motorhead that comes with the animal, this Dyson-Direct refurbished V7 motorhead is a better vacuum for $20 more.


We have the V6 animal and the V7 motorhead, and the runtime, noise level and usability is just better on the V7. That said, the V6 is pretty great also. It’s just a noisy little guy.

What’s the return policy on this? Is there an option to send it back if it just won’t work out?

Hello. Here’s our return policy.


I have one and I love it.

I purchased a refurbished Dyson Animal upright vac from woot a couple years ago. Love it, it’s been great! And was SUPER good at getting the dog hair out of the carpet! But it’s large and heavy, and I have a small home. I have been waiting for this cordless vac to show up again, and I JUMPED on it as soon as I saw it was being offered again! I am HOPING it’s light weight and cordless operation will result in more frequent cleaning! (and I think it will be easier to clean my bare floors with this one!)

Thanks for this comment, checking in with the Mrs. now. Lol.