Dyson V6 HEPA Cordless Stick Vacuum

What is the model #?

Is the motorized head the belt-drive or the more powerful direct-drive system?

The model number is 214889-02.

Per the vendor: This is not the direct drive cleaner head.

does it support 220V voltage?

No. Sorry.

Bought it, just got it, and used it after a full charge. This little stick has some power! However, this is not intended to take the place of your full sized vacuum if you think you’re going to vacuum your entire house at one time. It runs for about 20 minutes on full power and that’s it. Plenty long enough to vacuum my kitchen and family room. Also, works great on hard floor, including tile in the kitchen and hardwood in the family room. Stick lays flat enough that I could get all the way under my sofa which only has about four inches of clearance. Says factory reconditioned but mine came with all new attachments and the unit itself looks brand new. Only visible difference in this and a new one is packaging. Highly Recommend!

Can you clarify which cleaner heads are included? Does it come with the soft fuzzy head for hard floors, the hard bristles for carpet, or both?

It as the

Motorized cleaner head - Motorized head cleans all floor types.

(1) Combination tool
(1) Crevice tool