Dyson V6 Motorhead Cord-Free Vacuum

Dyson V6 Motorhead Cord-Free Vacuum

I still like mine.

I like mine too. Though wish the battery lasted longer.

V6 has the shortest battery life of any of the Dyson vacuums.

The V7 Motorhead (longer battery life and better filter) is on sale at Dyson for $199 brand new with any kit of choice for free.


So, spend the extra $60 is my best advice instead of getting a weaker refurb that is on sale on Woot nearly every week.

Dyson also sells directly on Ebay and has sold the Dyson V6 fluffy brand new for $150 often. They sold over 1,200 of them a week ago.


Lastly, the V7 is $199 on Amazon right now, brand new. The Dyson deal is still better though.

The description on woot says it comes with the crevice tool and the multi tool but nothing about the motor head.

Does this deal come with the motor head?


Motorhead is part of the title, so I would say “yes”.

I’m confused though if motorhead refers to the hand piece with the motor or the carpet attachment that spins? I just want to make sure that attachment is included.

I have an old dg50 model and motor ID stamped on the main unit

Happy Thanksgiving. Per Dyson, this is the Motörhead and yes, it’s included.