Dyson V6 Motorhead Cord-Free Vacuum

Dyson V6 Motorhead Cord-Free Vacuum

I like mine. Still going strong.

Not me, bro’. I’ve bought two different refurbs on this website and had to return both - one for non-performance and the other for failing in-service.

Use for 7 minutes, charge for 24. What’s not to like – if you dont really want to use it!


Battery life is terrible. I had to replace the battery after 6 months. For the 7 minutes it works, it’s OK.

Does it sound like Lemmy when it runs?


Tested one of these at bestbuy, it was awkward and heavy. not impressed.

I happen to love my refurb V6, I loved it sod much that I gave it to my daughter and bought a V7.
You don’t HAVE to use it on the high power mode, it works fine on low power and then the battery lasts 20 minutes instead of 7


I’ve purchased 25-30 refurb’d items from woot over the years and have only had to return 1 of them. Of course they said I had to return it to the manufacturer and not woot. But after I told them about the warranty of merchantability the took it back and refunded my money.

I was going to buy this item, but the comments about battery life have changed my mind.

Dyson really missed the boat with that missing umlaut.
Had they spelled it Motörhead, I’d be in for three!


I got one of these refurbed. I did have to replace the battery after a few months–about $30 from amazon. However, it does clean great and is much easier to pull out and clean small messes than dealing with the full-size vacuum.

Nah, that’d need at least a V8, and better a -12.

Do not shop this deal! It’s a total loss due to battery issues.

I bought two reconditioned Dyson Motorhead Cordless Vacuums. One is on it’s second vacuum. Neither of them work.

Save your money by buying a different brand.