Dyson V6 Motorhead Cordless Vacuum

I wish this one had the fluffy hat it does so much better at not throwing the dirt.

Yell of a deal! Tempted to buy one for every room in the house, but my husband would have me committed.

Sorry, but what do you mean by fluffy hat? Does this model throw dirt behind it as you vacuum? I have that problem with my other cordless one now.

Love this thing! I had it hung in my pantry for quick cleanups but like to do the whole house with it! I’d buy another if i thought i needed it! Great price!

Nice deal, but the color… No deal.

Do you plan to hang it in your living room?

The color is the bomb. Already have one, but might buy this one cuz it is so pretty!

So, does this play Ace of Spades instead of making a whirring sound? Or did they crank up the motor volume to deafening levels?

I bought the new version black Friday for about $50 more with the “animal” attachments. I can say it’s good but not great.

It works well on hard surface floors, but for carpets it will never replace an upright. I still like it, and think the cordless feature is worth the price.


Works well but the exhaust design is terrible. It blows out horizontally and, depending on how you’re holding it, blows on you uncomfortably. All they had to do was vent it downward along the shaft.

I think it is a reference to the deep carpet version: https://www.amazon.com/Dyson-Fluffy-Cord-Free-Certified-Refurbished/dp/B06XKNRH5K/ref=sr_1_12?ie=UTF8&qid=1513268391&sr=8-12&keywords=Dyson+V6+Motorhead+Cordless+Vacuum

I just purchased one. I assume it plugs in to a charger at some point. Is the charger a separate order, or is it included. Thank you.
Kathy S.
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I like mine and all, got a good deal on a new one from JC Penney’s last Christmas, but it’s just a giant dustbuster. Great for short term vacuuming but it fills up fast on carpet and the battery isn’t great for REAL cleaning…

…I had to look up how to detach the dust canister, you basically press the red button once to open and again to detach, which is /necessary/ to remove debris. No biggie, but thought I would share.

It comes with a wall charger (like a dust buster does) which I’ve mounted near my stairway closet, it’s not too obtrusive and good for quick cleans.

It comes with the dock that you will use to charge the vacuum.

Does it come with a charger? And can I return it if anything wrong with it?

Does the battery on these only last for about ten minutes? Think I read that here.

Yes, it comes with the charger. If it’s dead on arrival, please use the Woot Customer Service form for assistance.

Otherwise, it comes with a 6 month Dyson warranty. You’ll see this noted at the bottom of the features.

The specs tab shows what’s included in the box.

On my brand new one I get about 25 minutes of continuous use, more than enough to fill the canister twice. The crummy part is that it takes 3 hours or so to charge full from dead.