Dyson V6 Motorhead Cordless Vacuum

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Dyson V6 Motorhead Cordless Vacuum
Price: $159.99
Shipping Options:: $5 Standard OR $10 Two-Day OR $20 One-Day
Shipping Estimates: Ships in 1-2 business days (Thursday, Feb 01 to Friday, Feb 02) + transit
Condition: Factory Reconditioned


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What is the difference between factory reconditioned products and refurbished products? Do they all get a new product warranty? Are they pristine looking or are they scratch and dent looking?

Love my Dyson stick vac! I keep it in my kitchen pantry for quick cleaning but tend to do several rooms before I stop. I have had one several years now and works just as well as the day I got it. It was a factory reconditioned and looked new. Can’t remember about the warranty but I have never used it!

I can’t speak for Woot or on this particular deal, but generally a factory reconditioned product is preferable to a refurbished product.

Factory reconditioned implies it has been re-worked, tested and repaired if needed.

Refurbished may mean it has just been cleaned up.

I’ve bought several things from Woot that were sold as refurbished or reconditioned and they have turned out well for me. With the exception of a heater that arrived all busted up, every item has been new looking.

Each deal has different warranty details listed, so sometimes you get the full warranty, sometimes you get a shorter warranty.

For more reading, go here https://www.techwalla.com/articles/differences-between-refurbished-and-reconditioned

I love this vacuum, but let’s be realistic. It isn’t designed to clean your whole house unless you have a small-ish house. I could get my 1500 sf house done, but anything larger will probably have to be done in shifts. Good points: always ready to use, light weight, cleans well, so darn convenient. Bad points: a small clog in the brush head will make the machine choke until you clear it out, and don’t believe it when they say you empty it by just pushing a button. When you push the button, the bottom of the dust bin opens and SOME of the dirt falls out. Most of the dirt (if your dirt is anything like my dirt) stays in the bin wrapped around the central core in fluffy puffs of dirtishness. So you have to take the whole bin off to empty it. A pain in the place where I sit.

But all in all, I’d buy this again in a heartbeat.

Dyson totally missed the boat by calling it “Motorhead” without an umlaut.

Call it “Dyson V6 Motörhead Cordless Vacuum” and I’d be in for at least two.

Does this work well with medium pile carpet?

My DC33 works really well on low pile and a shaggy high pile rug i bought, but is really tough to use on my in-between (medium pile?) carpet. I really have to push/pull with all my might and take several breaks for a small room because it is too tiring. Wondering if I would have the same issue with this one?

I bought this a month or so ago here. It’s great for doing a quick seep on my new wood laminate floors and the area rugs. It’s so handy to just take it down, do a quick run around the downstairs. No cords to fuss with makes it worth it.

Couple of points about this deal. First, my wife and I have used this vacuum for probably 3 years and it works great. The price for this is also extremely good, the new motorhead goes for 300-400 depending on where you go and what deals are available.

It is the V6 though, which is now two generations out of date, and it does have a couple of minor flaws compared to the v7 and v8. The v6 has the motor on the side of the brush head rather than the center as the v7 and 8 does. This makes it necessary to take the head apart from time to time (if you have a house full of long haired people like I do) to clean out hair that wraps around it. Not a problem in the v7 and v8.

Also, the mechanism to empty the v6 is a bit wonky compared to the 7 and 8. I really dont like it but it does work, just a bit fiddly.

All in all a really good vac with a couple of minor issues, but at this price it’s really a no brainer.

One thing to note, to take apart the head completely you will need an extra long #8 torx bit.

I think so. We sure liked it, though we have upgraded to the V7 now. It lasted us 3 years of heavy use.

So I don’t consider myself an expert or anything, but I was always given to understand that the distinction is whether the item ever left the factory:

Factory reconditioned means that it failed some internal testing (and therefore was rejected from a retail shipment) and never left the building before being repaired.

Refurbished means that the item left the factory and was returned (either by the retailer or a customer) and fixed sometimes by the original manufacturer or sometimes by a third part refurbisher.

In my experience there is rarely any level of distinction in quality of the product you receive and unless it’s otherwise noted you should expect the product itself (as opposed to the packaging or manuals) to be indistinguishable from a brand new product in either case.

I bought this same vacuum as a Christmas gift for my wife about a month ago - for $20 more. Factory refurbished.
She loves it! It came in a brown, nondescript box (so she didn’t know what was in the gift until she opened it and put it together), but everything on the inside appeared to be new - no scratches or other signs of use.
Mind you, we have a Dyson upright for large jobs or when the whole house needs to be cleaned, but this cordless wonder is perfect for the stairs, small rooms, or rugs. Would definitely recommend this purchase, especially at the lower price.

I bought this same vacuum last month. It did have some minor scratches and dents and the bin was not crystal clear, but none of this bothers me.

I got this as a second vacuum to leave upstairs since I’m more likely to clean up there more often when I don’t have to lug the the full sized dyson upstairs and unwind the cord to plug it in (sad but true).

It came with a 6 month warranty. Overall it’s a great deal.

I also bought this vacuum, factory reconditioned from Dyson, for $40 more. Ours came spotless, basically brand new, with quite a few attachments. Not sure if this one comes with the attachments, but I can attest that our particular instance of reconditioning was spotless. Every piece looked basically new.

And believe the hype on the quality of the vacuum. It works as well as advertised!

We love it for our 2 bedroom apartment with hard-floor and carpet attachments, as well as furniture, and corner brush.

Anyone know if the docking station is compatible with 220 electricity?

I got this same product certified refurbished for $184 from Amazon in November. It arrived in good shape.

It gets a lot of use and we are very happy with its performance. Great for stairs. It seems like a much smaller effort to get this out than the upright, so we use it for small jobs and touch up often. I’ve only run it out of battery once.

This is the best price I’ve seen.

Probably best to ask Dyson directly. I looked on amazon and the answers were don’t know and maybe.

nice Dyson