Dyson V6 Origin Cord-Free Stick Vacuum

I clean and organize houses, and use my client’s personal appliances.

A client purchased this vacuum last week, and I have to say, it’s incredible. It’s beats out any other small handheld vacuum I’ve tried, Dustbuster, Dirt Devil, you name it. Even other Dyson handheld rechargeables.

The length of the stick spared my back. Admittedly the cannister filled quickly but it was easy as pie to empty and clean, plus letting me see that I was actually cleaning the floors thoroughly.

The battery life is estimated at 20 minutes, but the suction and cleaning power was so great, I vacuumed a bedroom, a hall and a spare room very thoroughly in that time. The vacuum is light, really light. It has attachments which helped cleaning tight, deep and high places (under dressers, between furniture, vent covers).

The only con is the trigger grip tired my finger after awhile, but my finger recovered while the vacuum was charging. Problem solved :slight_smile:

As soon as I can afford one, I’m buying one. Maybe two.

well… I heard that this deal sucks.