Dyson V6 Origin Cord-Free Stick Vacuum

Dyson V6 Origin Cord-Free Stick Vacuum

Is this the HEPA V6 or non-HEPA? Because you can get the HEPA filter V6 direct from Dyson on Ebay for 160 new…

$139.99 refurb 6 month warranty = woot.

$159.99 new from Dyson on Ebay (2 year warranty):

159.99 HEPA version direct for Dyson.

What is the return policy?

Hi there. Here’s our return policy:


Is that actually an official Dyson affiliate on eBay? The reviews are not great.

It’s not Dyson. It’s ABC Vacuum.

Que? Perhaps the link was changed.

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It’s Dyson.

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No, they sell under the Dyson name but if you do some tracking, it’s ABC vacuum.