Dyson V6 Origin

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Dyson V6 Origin
Price: $199.99
Shipping Options:: $5 Standard OR $10 Two-Day OR $20 One-Day
Shipping Estimates: Ships in 1-2 business days (Wednesday, Aug 10 to Thursday, Aug 11) + transit
Condition: Factory Reconditioned


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Reviews over at Walmart

I’m beginning to wonder if Dyson’s products come fresh off the assembly lines as “refurbished”. They must be producing a lot of junk.

and now the question becomes: get this, or spend a hundred extra and get a newer model neato (d series)?

How long, in real-use terms, does it run?

I’ve been wondering the exact same thing myself…

20 min on “low” 6-8 on “insane suction”.

This will be our second unit for the house (getting one for the upstairs.).

We have tossed all other lamer vacuums from the house. With exception of a shop vac for really nasty cleanups.

Unless you plan to vacuum 4 rooms at once you’ll be ok. I do two large area runs (12x10) and the sofa/chairs on one charge without an issue.

Dyson V6 Motorhead refurb on ebay though Dyson USA’s store for $200 with free shipping (and no tax for me in NJ). Think it’s the same motor as this one but with an upgraded brush head? Also, a one year warranty (6 months through Dyson (same as this offering) and 6 additional months through “ABC Vaccum”).

I bought one of these last year and one of the tall tower fans. Both died. Took them to Dyson service center and they couldn’t repair them but offered a 20% trade in value towards a new one.

Our runs about 3 minutes on Max suction. WilI buy another at this price to see if it is better? Probably.

I bought one of the new cinetic upright vacuums a few months ago, and I can’t say I’m all that impressed. It works, overall, but it “handles” and feels junky, and there are times when I am set to use it simply as an upright, but the suction is diverted from the floor to the above-floor connection.

I think the wrong specs are listed for the V6 Origin. The Origin is the base model of V6, with the importance being that the floor tool is NOT the direct drive powered one. Every other model of V6 has the direct-drive floor tool, which Dyson says provides 75% more suction power than the base tool.

I have two V6 cordless Dysons, the Absolute and the Motorhead. The Origin is the only V6 I wouldn’t consider buying, just because of the power issue with the floor tool.

[MOD: Yes, confirmed that it is the motorhead.]

I have a theory about why there are so many refurbs on the Dyson cordless vacs. I absolutely love them, but the bin is TINY. If you’re not vigilant about emptying the bin, it’s easy to get a jam. When you have a jam, the motor cycles on and off about once a half second, so you get no suction.

The jams aren’t always obvious or simple to clear, so I’m thinking there are a lot of people who think, when they get the motor cycling, that it’s a failure of the motor and return the thing.

Dirt Devil® Simpli-Stik $19.99
Works great, no rush vacuuming.

Whelp… I love my NEATO, but it’s not great for vacuuming out drawers and such … previous homeowners left an alarming amount of eyelashes and nail clippings behind.

already have a black and decker lithium ion handheld, does great - wound up getting this but the ebay one i mentioned earlier as it was cheaper/better model. was looking for something to pick up cat litter/hair off hardwood, spot cleaning mostly, but with a wider cleaning path than the handheld we currently have. robot vacuum seemed overkill, though easier…we’ll see.

Bought this new on sale for $50 more several months back. With kids, we use it to clean up our hardwood floors daily, often a couple times, and it works great for that. Wife told me it’s the best thing I have bought her. Not exactly a complement for me, but anyway…we only use the max suction and it will last 5-6 minutes in our experience which is normally plenty of time.

Bought one of these at the Dyson service center. I also have an older model that I had nothing but trouble with (bad design w/filter between the 2 connecting parts). I brought this model back to the service center numerous times to no avail.
The service guy brought this one out and I noticed the difference soon as I tried it. The filter on top hardly gets dirty. I have 2 cats and it picks up litter, dust and hair w/o any problem. I asked the guy at the service center the difference in the vacuums and he said it was the direct drive cleaner heads. Mine has the brushes where the more expensive ones looked smooth. Anyhow he said those were good for people w/kids who drop things like cheerios on the floor.
The parts from my old one fit and work well on this one.
I think this is the best cordless vacuum on the market.

This thing sucks.
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