Dyson V6 Origin

Feature Correction

We incorrectly called out that this Dyson had a direct-drive head when we should have said it has a motorized head.

We apologize for this error. We will be emailing everyone that purchased with a resolution. Pls give us a couple days to pull things together for the email.

Good on you, Woot, for stepping up on this. This is an important issue. (Yeah, I’m kind of Dyson obsessive.)

wait - if they can’t repair them, then where do the “Refurbished” ones come from???

Woot. Just kidding. Apparently the natural killer to vacuums, from my own experience with friends who have owned Dyson vacuums, is the carpet cleaner powder stuff. Not to mention cleaning the dust cup as often as possible. Before, during and after vacuuming. Room to room would be best.