Dyson V7 Motorhead Cordless Vacuum

Dyson V7 Motorhead Cordless Vacuum

Highly recommend this. Easily the most versatile, well build vacuum we have ever owned. Only thing not good for is deep cleaning on the standard old fashioned rugs but will do surface cleaning there fine.

Only critique-battery. Like apple, that overcharges for more memory, they overcharge for larger battery packs. Hate it when I have mine set on high and I am 30 secs from finishing my car interior
, and it dies! Even still, would not switch mine (except for one with bigger battery)!


Found this for $199 direct from Dyson on Ebay… Brand new with 2 year warranty.


Thanks for pointing out that one. That looks like a much better deal.

The battery that came with mine is compete crap. It last for 45 seconds before shutting down. Ordering a new $50 battery on Amazon now.

Hello there. Please reach out to Dyson. They’ll send you a new battery.

Dead battery less than 2 months in. :frowning: I would think the “refurbished” units would at least have a new battery.

Do not shop this deal! It’s a total loss due to battery issues.

I bought two reconditioned Dyson Motorhead Cordless Vacuums. One is on it’s second battery. Neither of them work.

Save your money by buying a different brand.