Dyson V8 Animal+ Cord-Free Vacuum

Dyson V8 Animal+ Cord-Free Vacuum

I bought one of these last time they went on sale… first off the vacuum is awesome. The refurbish job sucks. It broke the first day I used it, Dyson is awesome and is replacing it for me under warranty. But its been 5 weeks and it just came today.


I agree especially with the battery operated ones the batteries wind down really quick and when it comes to replace them you might as well just buy a whole new vacuum sweeper but as far as Dyson goes as a vacuum sweeper they are one of the most Kick-Ass vacuums you can buy hands down! They SUCK!!

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I loved mine while it lasted, but the actual motor became clogged with dust thanks to our terrible a/c system barely filtering :person_facepalming: I haven’t sent it back yet, but I’ve washed the filter and cleaned every part I can access so it may be time to take Dyson up on their warranty

We bought one of these the last time they had it on clearance or what ever you call it over here on WOOT.
IMHO it’s not worth the money. For PETS? BS, this thing goes over laminate flooring and some times shoots the dog hair and dust behind the power head. I don’t see the fasination with Dyson vacuum cleaners. Our son got the newest one and said it’s great and they redesigned the power head. My 100 dollar Bissell for Pets bought at SamsClub is far far better than this thing. Pain in the a$$ to get the dog hairs out when you go and clean it and you’d think that it would circulate the dirt and hair around the whole collection cup nope it bunches up in one quarter. Ours also came with a dented tube. NEVER AGAIN would I buy a Dyson vacuum cleaner. GARBAGE

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Forgive my insolence but… I can’t find a Dyson Animal+ anywhere on the Dyson website. Is this a AnimalPro+? Did there at one point exist this… Animal+ you are selling?

The V8 Animal+ is the model I bought from Costco about a year ago. Can confirm that this is a model. In general, the V8 is the vacuum head unit. Everything else describes color and accessories.

I can also confirm that Dyson is pretty slow on their warranty service right now… took me about 4-5 weeks to get mine replaced, but overall it was a pretty good experience.

According to the specs
Dyson V8 Animal+ Cord-Free Vacuum, 257253-02
a search of which gave a Dyson link at the top of the results.

I also bought one of these refurbs at one point. Great vacuum, but the battery was shot within a year. I wouldn’t buy another one.