Dyson V8 Animal or Ball Multi Floor Vac

I have the V8 absolute and love it. It has more than enough power to take on my 2 dogs and 2 cats household. It makes my upright dirt devil vac obsolete because it has more power than the dirt devil. There are some downsides:
25 minute run time with the power head on it. Plenty of time to do my entire house but im only around 1500sq ft. Charge time from near 0 is about 5 hours. The pistol grip will rub the top of your thumb knuckle, its not pleasant at all due to it being hard plastic.

If you could get the absolute I would say get it instead, the fluffy roller that comes with it is awesome on hard surfaces and let me tell you, it will eat cat litter like its nothing. I think it should have been included in the animal version as well.

cheaper at costco.

why the heck would i pay $20 less for a REFURB when i can get a brand new one for $399?


Your link is for the V6 Motorhead. The cordless vacuum we are selling is the V8 Animal which is more powerful and can run for double the time without needing to be re-charged. Here’s the Dyson link for comparison: http://www.dyson.com/vacuums/cordless/dysonv8/dyson-v8-animal.aspx

What are the model numbers for these guys? Are they current generation or older?

I’d buy one, but my current VC gets most up the fur up.

Does the Animal come with any/all attachments?

Anyone have the V8 already. I know this doesn’t come with the soft brush for hardwood floors. Is that attachment really necessary for hardwood floors? Seems like I’d have to pay a lot more to get it.

$399 NEW using the 20% off coupon


I tried the 20% off at bed bath and beyond and doesn’t work on Dyson products. :frowning:

Ordered the Dyson Ball Mutlifloor vaccuum and the brush motor died after 5 minutes of use. Called support, followed all troubleshooting directions, and they shipped me a new brush motor. Added new motor Dyson still dead. Taking unit to Local Dyson Repair shop. not terribly useful so far.

Ad lists a included articulating floor brush as included with the V8. However, DYSON does not make a articulating floor brush that fits the V8. The V6 accessories are not compatible with the V8.

Apparently the V6 version of the hard floor tool is called “articulating hard floor tool” and the V8 version of the hard floor tool is called “quick release hard floor tool.” It is confirmed to be in the box.

Not encouraging. Mine arrived really dirty. Haven’t had time to investigate it yet but… Sigh. When did “refurb” start meaning “used and chucked in a box”?