Dyson Vacuums & Fans

I was waiting for one of these and ready to buy, but saw this model on overstock.com for $79… with free shipping. What’s up woot?

Which model would that be? Link?

appears to be the same model, refurb.

Now, however it is out of stock. I guess some other people found it too.

I was really hoping for the return of the $199 Dyson DC39. If anybody knows of where a similar deal can be had, please let me know!

Aside from the color, is there any difference between this yellow DC23 and the blue DC23 that’s available from the Mother Ship for $179 (with free shipping)?

With Dyson, am I buying mostly quality or mostly looks?

Buying our 2nd standard Dyson fan in blue. We love the 1st, buying more. Thinking about how many we want for us and gifts also.

It’s a great fan for $105 straight up. I didn’t hesitate ordering another Dyson fan or product.

They are the best technology and W000T gives us the chance to get them at least 50% off!

Why didn’t you buy it when in stock? I would bet it’s been out of stock for time.

I bought that model for my daughter in college for the dorm room on the small side for $129.00. This is a recently lowered price, $99.

That Overstock ad might have been a come on. They sell 3 then have no more in stock. Keep checking back, I bet they never have it again for that price.

It’s happened to me. They have a few, then never again items. I won’t shop there anymore, I haven’t for 3 years after a bait and switch deal. I went to pay, item was out of stock but said it was available. I called, they offered me a lesser product for the same price. :frowning:

Having never seen one of the fans in person, how quiet are they?
I noticed something about “re-engineered to be quieter”. My imagination thinks these would just produce air noiselessly, like magic! but that’s probably not the case, right?

I think is missed a 2 They are $279 there.

I clean houses for a living and only use Dysons. They are a little heavy but other then that they are AWESOME. .

Aw man, I wanted that heater. Anyone know how it compares to the newer model?

The fans are still vastly overpriced. Air multiplication is a fraud. You’re paying a lot of money for a fan that doesn’t move much air. The Vornados that were just on Woot move, literally, ten times as much air measured in cubic feet per minute as these turkeys.

Careful on the handheld DC16 vacuum - very mixed reviews suggest it is a competent sucker but battery life is only 5 minutes.

We currently own 3 fans and many more Vacs. I strongly disagree with all of your statements about the Dyson fans. They move air like I’ve never seen. It’s not large and bulky but blows as much as most that are.

If you don’t like them, then don’t buy them. My guess is you never have owned Dyson products because you don’t know what you’re talking about.

The risks you take in buying reconditioned. (Amazon Reviewer writes, “I watched bedbugs crawl out of the shipping carton onto UPS man.”): http://www.amazon.com/review/R2B5LILCKGWR9W/ref=cm_cr_pr_viewpnt#R2B5LILCKGWR9W.

Woot, are you shipping these from your warehouse (if so, notice any bugs) or are they being drop-shipped?

So far, all of our Dyson purchases, 8 total have come from W000T. They appear brand shiny new, working perfectly right out of the box, sparkling clean. This is our 11th I think, hope I’m not jinxing myself.

We’re sold on Dyson products and buy them all here except our 1st upright at Best Buy for over $500. . We have 2 uprights w/ the ball, 2 cannister Vacs, 1 hand held for our college daughters dorm room, 3 regular fans, 1 hot/cold fan and 2 of the battery operated long wand used daily on the main level of our home. We’ve never seen dust, dirt or hair on any Vacs unlike the Roomba years ago that arrived filthy. That’s our experiences for what they’re worth. Email info@woot.com for more information if a moderator doesn’t reply.

From the Dyson site, fan ratings.

The numbers tell the story. The Dyson AM03 tower fan takes in 9 gallons per second of air. That is its maximum airflow, because there isn’t any such thing as a free lunch. That equates to 72 cubic feet per minute. Not much. Now the Vornado tower circulator I just bought here on Woot for one third the price is rated at 600CFM on high speed. Sure you love your Dyson. It’s pretty, and the hype is thick. But if you did a real, open-minded and objective comparison you’d realize it’s a lousy fan.

Let me explain the air multiplication thing again. What’s happening is that there’s this tiny little 72CFM blower in the base. Then it blows through this ridiculously narrow and complex plenum, which creates back pressure and increases noise volume. Then it creates a very thin laminar flow of air in a circle. This does indeed entrap additional air within the circle, but in the process the velocity of the air is dramatically reduced. So if Dyson says there’s 15x air multiplication, that means 15x the air is moving 15x slower. Conservation of momentum and energy applies, and CFM out is no better than CFM in.

I’m sorry that you’ve been taken for a ride by the hype and wasted so much money on these fans.