Dyson Vacuums & Fans

Sure, Dyson-moderated reviews, for the benefit of the sheep. Meanwhile, the top rated review (over 600) for any Dyson fan on Amazon is the one I wrote on the 12" silver table fan.

Aside from the color, is there any difference between this yellow DC23 and the blue DC23 that’s available from the Mother Ship for $179 (with free shipping)?

Knew my little vornado I got off here was a good call, four years and runs like new. Although I have been meaning to get one of these vacuums…

Any owners of these models that have pets, or know how they work with pet hair? I know Dyson has their own “pet hair” vacuum, but was wondering how these models fare.

Reviews by pet owners at Best Buy and Dyson for the DC33 are consistently good. http://www.bestbuy.com/site/Dyson+-+DC33+Clearence+Multi+Floor+Upright+Vacuum+-+Iron/Yellow/1052328.p?id=1218214324211&skuId=1052328 Think I’ll give that model a try.

This isn’t entirely fair. You’re comparing a Tower Fan to a heater. You know why that Dyson moves air slowly, right? Because it has to heat the air, too. If the air passed through it quickly, then it wouldn’t be inside the fan long enough to heat up.

So, if you’re buying the unit as a fan, yes, you’re not getting the best performance. But why would you buy something with heating capacity as a fan?

If you look at the Vornado heaters, they’re significantly weaker than the fans, even the tower heaters. Yes, they’re still cheaper than the Dyson, but sometimes you don’t want a big, ugly black brick in the corner of your room.

Woot Staff – Please confirm. Does the DC23 Yellow vacuum come with a “motorhead” or “turbin-head?”

The motorhead would have a motor driven brush bar floor tool and the turbin-head would have an air-driven brush bar floor tool.

Is it possible that these DC23 yellow vacuums originally came with motorheads but were refurbished with turbin-heads?

The one for sell here on Woot looks like the motorhead.

The Dyson AM03 is just a fan, it doesn’t heat the air. They are quite appealing to the eye though, and if the price was lower and I wanted a heater, I would most certainly choose it over a “black brick”.

I’m doing no such thing. This is a totally apples to apples comparison between two pure fans (not heaters) designed to ventilate an entire room.

But I’ll bet you a few plug nickels that the same comparison would hold true for a hybrid fan/heater-fan vs. the Dyson, simply because there’s such a puny little fan in the Dyson.

Wondering what you have against Dyson?

We have not been taken for a ride or overcharged for these fans. We love them and they work Great!!!

You have a bug up your butt about Dyson but people aren’t listening to you. Actually, you should be removed from tne forum for knocking all Dyson items without credibility. Look at the 1st items to sell out…both tabletop fans. Dyson sales speak for themselves.

Don’t worry about how my money is spent, its always done properly.

Have a great day!

Well said. High 5!!! This guy knocks all Dyson products and I bet he doesn’t or ever has owned a Dyson or his dream Vornado

Blah, blah, blah… All this back and forth about the thing that blows… Am I ever going to get an answer to my question about the thing that sucks?!

If anybody wants a 342nd opinion on the vacuums:

I bought the DC25 a week or so ago when it was on regular wooot and wow. The only con is that I run into so much stuff because I’m so excited to use it I move too fast (hint: not a con).
I took it out of the box, set it up and ran over my bedroom once or twice then turned it off to inspect it some more when I looked and realized the dust container had a CRAP load of dust in it. I honestly thought they made a mistake shipped it that way (after testing it or something) but I did my hallway and it filled it up even more.
Simply amazing.

Yeah slightly heavy, but unless you’re 8 or 80 then you’re fine. And yes use two hands to empty the dust container, but c’mon people MINOR things, that aren’t even cons, they’re just things to know about the vacuum.

Sorry for the delayed response.
The Dyson DC23 Yellow comes with a turbinehead, as listed in the “In The Box” specs tab:

**(1) Dyson DC23 Turbinehead Canister Vacuum includes

Telescopic Rod
Suction Hose
Brush Tool
Crevice Tool
Stair Tool
Operating Manual**

Aw darnit this sucks, I just logged on to finally buy the Dyson DC33 and it’s sold out. Noooooo!!!

I did read the specs before asking the question. The “In the Box” specs don’t say whether the “Brush Tool” is the turbinhead brush tool or moterhead brush tool. Although the “Features” tab describes the vacuum as turbinhead model, and the specs tab refers to a turbinhead model, the photo seems to depict a moterhead. Also, elsewhere – like on the Dyson site – the yellow DC23 is the moterhead model, while the blue DC23 is the turbinhead model.

Ehhh you are correct good sir.
We’ve pinged the buyer to have this corrected (the pictures).
The correct image SHOULD show the turbinehead (which has wheels) and NOT the motorhead.

Sorry for the inaccuracies and thanks for spotting the difference. Hopefully the images will be updated soon.

Well… I was hoping you folks were selling the vacuum with the features as depicted in the photo. I think I’m glad I waited for the clarification – but maybe I’ll just be cranky about it instead.

I do own the Vornado. As to my qualifications, I manage, among other people, thermal engineers who design cooling systems for high end electronics. I know a lot more about fans and blowers than you will ever. I looked at the Dyson fans in stores and studied their design (including reading Dyson’s patents and comparing the technology with industrial air multiplication products, which again only transform airflow through entrapment not amplify airflow) before writing the pair of Amazon reviews which account for more than 1,000 useful votes. It was obvious from the very beginning how fraudulently marketed they were, with streamers on the outside in the relatively narrow band of airflow but air movement that fell off steeply a couple feet from the center of the fan compared to conventional fans. The rest is just math. If Dyson’s fan design technology was so miraculous and power efficient we’d use it to cool products. But it isn’t so we don’t. It results in a lot of extra noise and uses complex plenums which are expensive and degrade airflow. One area where a similar technology is used is a relatively simple mechanical air multiplication device used on industrial lines that converts a high pressure flow from an air hose to a broader and smoother flow of air, e.g. for cleaning or drying material on a production line. But it doesn’t amplify anything.