Dyson Vacuums


Anyone have one? I need something to clean up the Cheeto piles in the corners, and my current vacuum is falling into pieces.

Are the dyson’s worth the hype? Or do they suck less than a hoover? I thought about doing the roomba thingie, but spirit’s really good at attacking and killing anything under 100 lbs that makes noise and moves.


I think we’ve got 2… not that I really ever use them ducks from all the moms here but I guess it works well if we’ve gotten a second one (my mom’s a bit paranoid about the basement and mold, so she decided to just leave the basement one downstairs and get another). I think we’ve been especially pleased with the new one we got, it’s that one mounted on a ball-thing for greater manouverability. That’s definitely a dyson, and I’m pretty sure the other one is a dyson as well.


// throws laptop towards jqubeds head…misses//

since you wanted it


Thing is legit, but I don’t know if I would ever drop that much on a vacuum. I have no qualms against dust mites.


Don’t get a Roomba for serious cleaning.
It is for maintenance AFTER you vacuum up the dog hair and Cheetos.


Or you could just eat all the dog hair and comb the Cheetos.

Wait - strike that; reverse it.


we have a dyson, its pretty cool, and does a great job. we vacuumed with our old vacuum then did it again with the dyson and it picked up a lot more stuff that the old one left behind. They say the dyson is the last vacuum you’ll ever have to buy. I would say get one. we have the animal btw. I heard “the ball” was heavy and not worth the money. Just a heads up.


I picked up a Dyson on Christmas Day from Amazon for $244 shipped.Great deal! I LOVE my Dyson. This will be how all vacuums are in the future. They’ve built a better mousetrap.


Can mice be vacuumed?


if you’re quick enough!



“The Quick and the Sucked”


Can I kill a thread or what?


it hurts, don’t it?


But it gets better!