Dystopia Dark Lager

should I be drunk in order to wear this?

Fake beer label shirts --especially dark ones-- make me happy!

I sort of like it… but my account is still suffering from the last couple weekends…

Beer? BEER? I don’t drink beer.

But uh. I don’t recall any dystopian novels having beer in it. Just pills that makes you happy.


It’s a miracle that fake beer companies survive in this economy.

Cool shirt for the man for father’s day. Thanks Woot!

lol, thats exactly what i was thinking

Whoops. “Est. 1984” would’ve been funnier.

this is not a normal woot shirt lol

I really like this one… but I have 7 shirts in transit.

With or without me, I put the over/under at 2900 for today. Think this is a winner.

already got zombeer

don’t need this one


Its been awhile since Ive bought a shirt…but this one, I will take!

Ah yes, Blair Sayer… the same guy who did Zombeer:


This one is a little better, IMO, though not a buy from me this round either.

The Humongous rules the wasteland!

Two days ago, I saw a rig that would haul that tanker…you want to get out of here, you talk to me.

Reminds me of the Posthumous Pale Ale shirt

Buying it

Dont want anything relating to that religious nutter.

Thanks thou.

Reminds me a lot of the Posthumous Pale Ale Zombeer shirt from a while back…