e-Go! Library Today's Top 1000 eBooks

Hi Everyone, Nic here from the e-GO! Library.

Just wanted to [1] say I’ll be around when I can to help answer any questions so please ask. But also [2] to proactively answer a few of the most common ones:

> there is a link to the index of books included in the description as well as through this link:


> each book is provide in 3 formats: PDF, ePUB and Kindle so that each titles can be read on any device (iPad, Kindle, Android, Nook, etc)

> the entire collection is just under 8GB of data, but if you only need 1 format and you’re wondering if your device is large enough it really should be (you’re looking at about 2GB for ALL the books in 1 format). Of course you don’t have to install all the books at once. You can do 1 or 10 or 100…up to you.

> The Top 1,000 Books are all from Independent Authors (not typical bestsellers). These were the highest rated books out of tens of thousands of titles as rated by over 6 million readers. 95% of the books I read personally are from these collections, but hey I’m a self-admitting popcorn movie type of guy so tastes vary. If you only tend to read what the NYT or Oprah recommends this might not be your bag, but a lot of great authors have humble beginnings (usually until someone discovers them). So regardless you might be pleasantly surprised.

> If using an iPad or iPhone please note that these do not have USB drives (nor Micro-USB) so you can’t plug the stick in directly. However its still easy to get going. Just copy the books onto a computer. Then you can either email yourself a title (Apple iBooks uses the ePub format) or import whichever books into iBooks and then sync your acocunt with your device.

That’s about all the major FAQs I can think of for now. But if you have any others, I’ll be around so drop me a line. Thanks for your interest!



Welcome to the Woot forums, Nic! We are happy to have you back answering questions for our customers. :slight_smile: