e-Go! Library Today's Top 1000 eBooks

I’m biting on the “Top” 1000 eBooks with reservations. These are “indie” writers (self-published), but so am I. The quality will vat a lot, bu only a few gems will make it. The “classics” are public-domain, available for free in many places.
No info on the audiobooks. but probably also PD from Project Gutenburg?

And, of course, I wonder if I can copy any of these to my Kobo reader, or tablet? We’ll see.

Thanks for the comments! Yes the top 1,000 are all from “Indie” authors. Over the years we’ve published tens of thousands of books for new an independent authors and these are the very best 1,000 as voted by our 6 million members.

The AudioBook version is all classics. However these are classics we had professionally recorded in high quality sound and not available free otherwise.

Each of the eBooks comes in 3 formats: PDF, Kindle and ePub. Your Kobo will use the ePub format. You can see full instructions on how to use the e-GO! Library with your Kobo (and other devices) here:

Thanks and happy reading!

Sounds like I chose wisely. Sorry about the typos…I really do write!

I just did a radio show with Richard Kyte, a professor at Viterbo University (La Crosse, WI).

He says that for every 2-3 modern books he reads, he then reads one that is at least 100 years old. This is to gain perspective, or a better sense of history. So the extra “classics” offered would be a great source.

I’m doing another show that airs this Friday, Saturday and Sunday (7 stations, 4 states) on suggested reading,and will mention e-Go! site. I may also mention Woot, but the sale may be over by Friday?

That’s a amazing offer - thank you! Yes the Woot is on until Monday, though last time the Classic AudioBook version sold out mid-campaign.

If you have any question, need any support with the Kobo or otherwise, please reach out to us through the eGoLibrary.com website. We’re here to help.

Thanks again!

You’ll be able to hear the archived copy of the show sometime on Friday at “www.diolc.org/connecting”. It’s the summer reading show. My tech advice will be at the end when I am done with the guests.

We’re all over that! Thank you very much again - really appreciate it! Likewise get in touch if you need anything!

Just got mine and it works great! The show is up and the mention is in the last five minutes. The whole show is about reading books.

Since all the books on are sourced from “Free-Ebooks.net” are any of the authors of those books paid for having their work included here. Did they give permission?

Hey thanks for the interest! You can see the terms and benefits of submissions to Free-eBooks.net here: https://www.free-ebooks.net/submit-ebook

In short, authors don’t get paid; but [a] we’re clear about that and ** that’s not why they share with us. Most do so because as a popular boutique site, good titles can get a lot of exposure very quickly (unlike say being lost in a sea of millions of other books on other sites). Authors do this to build their fan base, reputation and simply because they want people to enjoy their works. The very best have been included here.

And if anyone is interested in giving these a shot, you can download any 5 books of your choice in the PDF format each and every month at no charge from Free-eBooks.net. For avid reader who want more than the 5 books or formats such as ePub, Kindle, etc there are upgradable (paid) memberships available. But the basic, free account does entitle you to any 5 books each month, every month for free. As we say: happy reading!

Just listened to the show; wow!!! Thank you so much. That was very kind of you. At the end of the day we’re just trying to connect great new authors to book lovers worldwide so your kind words mean a lot!

Were you able to get the books onto your Kobo easily enough? Again all instructions for the Kobo are available at https://www.egolibrary.com/start – any difficulties just contact us anytime. Also you had mentioned witting so if we could ever be of service please be in touch. Thank you!

That site is not free if you want more than 5 books a month and want other than PDFs. I’m happier with this deal.

Another source for some free books daily is bookbub, and for the same reason: authors want followers, especially for a series. The whole nature of publishing is changing.

All works fine. I have one Android tablet that does not “see” the stick, but it is not a problem to copy to a MicroSD card and put that in the tablet. Kobo works fine.

I’ll do a writeup on my site sillycatvalley. It’s a “com” for a variety of topics.

Looks like quite a few sales from WI & MN.

What’s the Android tablet that doesn’t recognize the stick? Does it recognize any USB external memory? Some devices don’t have the required software but that’s usually rare in the case of tablets. Please let me know as we’d love to help.

Thanks again for all your feedback and kind words! The sale was a big success and Woot will re-run another soon for those that missed out.

Really appreciate hearing from you! Thank you.