e-Go! Library Today's Top 1000 eBooks

I figured if I got 10 good reads out of this, it would be a bargain. At this point, I figure if I get 10 good reads out of this, it’ll be a miracle - aside from the public domain classics, which I could also pick up for free from Project Gutenberg.

I do like the presentation of the e-Go! library. It’s largely neat and organized (aside from a few oddities, like putting “Little Women” in one category and “Little Men” in another), and they make it absolutely painless to get their books onto my Kindle.

But I would love to get a definition for “Top 1000 Independently Published eBooks” - what qualifies a book for the top? Some of these volumes are, so near as I can tell, only available on “free download” sites, and some of those with more broad availability have been absolutely savaged by reviewers.

I haven’t had time to review all of these. Not by a long shot. And to be fair I’m sure there will be some gems in here, and not just in the classics (which, if available for free elsewhere, are nicely gathered for convenience anyway). However, it’s an awful lot overall like buying a rummage sale - lock, stock and barrel. It’s probably a good idea to expect to do some research before deciding to actually read some of these. I’ve found a mishmosh here - sequels to books for which you don’t have the original (part two of a trilogy, for the win)… books that end on cliffhangers…fictional books that want to sell you on a religion, a philosophy or a political point of view…and one (so far just one) that couldn’t muster enough facility of the English language to make me understand what the book might be about. (If the blurb is incomprehensible, the book is going to be worse.)

Recommended for people with patience and, perhaps, a keen interest in discovering talent buried in a deluge of trash.

Thanks for the comments! We’re happy to hear you find it well organized and you were easily able to load up your Kindle.

Did you checkout the Index provided? It includes a descriptions of each book, which might be of help when choosing what to read.

To answer your question we’ve published tens of thousands of books over the past decade. The top 1000 as rated by our audience of 6.5 million members were included here which is how they were selected. Perhaps we could add some reviews and their star ratings through our website in the future.

Now I have a 14-month old at home so while I don’t do as much reading as I used to, I still make the time daily. All the books I read are from here and it’s not often I come across ones I don’t like. So I’m still hoping you’ll be able to find more to your taste. Granted I’m a self-admitting “popcorn movie” type of guy so my advice may not suit all palates :slight_smile:

Are there any particular genres you gravitate to? Let me know because I’d still love to make some recommendations.

Thanks again for the feedback. Candid opinions always appreciated! We’re also here to help so let me know. Best!