e-Go! Library Today's Top 1000 eBooks

Nic here from the e-GO! Library. Just wanted to introduce myself and let everyone know I’m available to answer any questions. I have pretty thick skin so let it fly (should I have said that?!?). But seriously we’re here to help so drop me a line here or at eGoLibrary.com. Looking forward to it! Thanks and happy reading!

DO you have an inventory of what books are on this? Or is there a link with that info?

Yes, indeed. Here’s the link from the features.

Thanks for the help ThunderThighs!

That’s the list there indeed. Please note that we specialize in publishing new and independent talents, not typical bestsellers. We’ve published tens of thousands of titles over the past years and these are the very best as voted by our 6.5 million readers.

Some readers prefer to stick with the bestsellers and I fully understand that. In fact that was my bag for many years. However, these days there’s also strong demand for creative independently produced media. Just like the movie industry has only a few major Hollywood Studios, the publishing industry also only has a few major publishers. Many high-grossing movies have been produced independently (think of all the popular film festivals these days) and now many great books are published outside the big publishers. Our readers gravitate to these because they like what’s new, what’s “real and raw” (as they say), some avoid the mainstream, others like to diversify and many love to discover the next hot book before their neighbors.

Sorry I ran a little long there, but often people ask what “independent” means so though I’d be proactive in case anyone else is reading this. Hopefully that helps! Thanks gain for asking and let me know if you have any other questions. My best, Nic

Recipe books in audio format?? What’s the thought behind this? (Legit curious.)

No worries…seems there is some confusion…there are 2 versions of the e-GO! Library. A 1,250 eBook one (for reading) and a 550 AudioBook one (for listening).

The AudioBook version contains only classics tales/books. There are no recipe books there.

It’s the 1,250 eBook version that contains a few recipe books.

Hope that helps. Thanks!