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e-Go! Library Top eBooks and AudioBooks
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Hi everybody! Nic here from the e-GO! Library.

It’s pretty late here, but before I hit the hay I wanted to proactively answers the most common questions and to let you know I’ll be back in the AM to answer any others. So please ask away.

Alright here goes…

the AUDIOBOOK Model:

> All 550 AudioBooks are “Classic” Books. There is a link to a list of all the books included in the product description. Alternatively the list can also be found at:


> these are all UNabridged versions

> these are NOT from Librivox or otherwise free elsewhere. They were recorded in a studio by professional actors (not celebrities) in high quality sound. Most have British accents while a few are American.

> Here is a sample:


> The AudioBooks are in the MP3 format so they can be played through any device capable of Mp3 playback (iPads, Android, Walkmans, computers, etc)

The EBook Model

> the top 1,000 book are all from independent authors, creative writers and even daring provocateurs ! They’re not your NYT bestsellers. Our readers love to discover what’s new and original talents before anyone else.

> then there’s a bonus of 250 Classics such as Dracula, Alice in Wonderland, Sherlock Holmes, etc

> there is a link to a list of all the books included in the product description. Alternatively the list can also be found at:


> each book is provided in 3 formats: PDF,ePub and Kindle so they can be read on any device. For example you could read one on your iPad using the ePub format and then email that same book in Kindle to a friend to use on their well…Kindle :slight_smile:

> Speaking of… As we encourage sharing these are not protected or restricted in any way. By all means, feel free share with friends and family. The more the merrier

Back in December Woot featured our Kids AudioBook model and it sold out half way through the day. So we really appreciate everyone’s support and keep in mind you can always contact us via eGoLibrary.com for any support or otherwise. We’re here to help and make sure you enjoy 100%

As mentioned above I’ll be back in a bit to help answer any other questions.

Thanks in advance for your interest!


Edit: Sorry, Nic (above) stole my thunder.

Very tempting.

Ha no worries; it was kind of you to have posted the list. Much appreciated!

That’s grim. I hope you didn’t pay a lot for that. Mark Twain was not a southerner and Tom Sawyer was not set in Mississippi. Twain wrote the dialect correctly to be pronounced with a Midland American accent.

What is the suggested process to get these ebooks and audio books onto my iPad? The flash drive appears to have a micro-B OTG connector, which would work for Android devices. Does it come with an adapter to Lightning?

i want books i like , not one that pre selects books i might like . i don’t care if it was for 10 cents .

Correct. The USB drive is dual ended with a regular USB end plus a Micro-USB end so it can be plugged directly into any device that has either (computers and Android devices for example).

Playing on your iPad (since it doesn’t have a USB port) is still quick and easy:

  1. plug the drive into a computer and drag/drop the files on your desktop (or other location of choice)

  2. Open iTunes. Hit “File” in the menu and import the files you added to the computer to iTunes

  3. Connect iPad to computer and sync to iTunes (or move selected files if you prefer)

Just a note: these will appear as Music in your iPad (iPhone, iPod touch) as they are Mp3 files so make sure to look for them in the Music section and not the AudioBooks section

So it takes an extra step but if you move a bunch of bokos at once (which is just as simple as moving one) you’ll be set for a long time. Plus I do recommend to everyone to keep a backup of the drive on their computer anyways if they can just in case. Plus that way you can share the Stick with someone else too :slight_smile:


PS. we have step-by-step tutorials on how to use these with all the most popular devices on our website at www.eGoLIbrary.com – plus if you need any other help we’re always around so drop us a line anytime!

Almost worth it for “The Deflowering of Rhona Lipshitz”

The selection is like a Gump “box of chocolates.” You might find something you didn’t expect and you like.

While I am still trying to get back into reading (versus watching movies), I got one of these and liked the concept. So many writers will not otherwise be discovered in today’s distribution system.

If you truly like to read, this is well worth it for the variety alone. iMHO, If you only liked 1% of the books (10), it will have paid for itself twice over (based on the average paperback costing $6).

While I truly love printed books, eBooks have a place in the scheme of things. Much easier to travel with, for sure!!

Honestly the issue with these being MP3 is they won’t save your place. You are best converting them to m4b so that your place gets saved in the book. https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/audiobook-binder/id413969927?mt=12 is a program i just searched for. There are many others. Otherwise, if you leave the book and listen to another song or book yoru place will be gone (you’d have to write it down each time you stop).

Then, these should be importable to iBooks and recognized as a proper book format.

Good call! We have many in M4B as is, but we had a decision to make: either use Mp3 which is compatible with All devices, or use M4B which many devices can’t play without installing an extra program (or add both but then it would jack up the cost for a 64GB USB).

So for now we have kept things simple by offering the MP3 format and look to expend to offer a model with the M4B for those that prefer that in the near future.


Actually, there is a setting in iTunes to make it save your place in mp3 audio books.

If you need to use them on a device that won’t save position, it can be more convenient to split them into multiple smaller files, perhaps 10-20 minutes long or by chapter…

It is also very easy to convert mp3’s to m4a’s and then rename them to m4b’s, using pc programs like Audacity and MediaMonkey.

I also like to use Audacity to ‘shrink’ audio books. They often arrive in full CD fidelity, (16kbps, stereo (2 channels) even when mono, 44,100 sample rate). Audacity will delete one channel, effectively halving file size. 8kbps and 10,000 sample rate, lossy compression still offers very good fidelity, while shrinking a file down to 10-15% original space. This is what MP3 was engineered for.

Easy steps (just tried and it worked nicely):


You’re terrific nabutu! Thanks for that!

So if I buy this to play in my car via the USB connection it will not remember where I left off? And I will want to copy individual book from this drive to a separate drive to play?

It depends but most car stereos have limited controls of straight USB sticks. My wife for example loads them to her Samsung phone (these plug in directly to her phone) and then plays them through Bluetooth on the car stereo using the phone as the controller which lets you pause, stop, etc.

I do the nearly the same with an iPod touch but I use the USB cable to plug the iPod Touch to the car’s USB port (and then the iPod touch gives me far better controls again).

That way I also use the iPod Touch to listen to these at night so I always fall asleep and then can’t remember where the next day…hehe…nothing to do about that though :slight_smile:

Hope that doesn’t happen while driving…