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Hi everybody! Nic here from the e-GO! Library.

I wanted to drop in to [1] say that I’ll be checking in again in the AM (after a snooze) to help answer any questions, but also to [2] proactively answers the most common ones now so here goes…


>>> http://www.egolibrary.com/data/demo/Tom-Sawyer.mp3



These audiobooks are not free anywhere (that we know of at least). Yes you can find similar titles free on sites like LIbrivox, but Librivox recordings for example are done by volunteers. Ours are recorded in a studio by professional actors (not celebrities) in high quality sound. Most have British accents while a few are American. Not to knockLIbrivox; it’s a great resource for sure, but there is a considerable difference

On the eBook model while you can find these free online at sites such as Free-eBooks.net pointed above, please note that from there you can only access 5 books a month for free. In the PDF format alone. If you want Unlimited Downloads you have to upgrade to a VIP membership. So here you’re getting 1,000 Books right away. Also most books including the latest bestsellers can be obtained free if you try hard enough: local library, family/friends, free trial memberships to subscription sites :), etc

A big part of the value here is the convenience. Just taking the time to find and get a fraction of these collections is considerable. People appreciate just have a large collection right there.

As far as the quality of books; well everyone tastes vary, but these were the highest rated books out of tens of thousands as rated by over 6 million readers. 95% of the books I read are from these collections, but hey I’m a self-admitting popcorn movie type of guy so as mentioned tastes vary :slight_smile: If you only tend to read what the NYT or Oprah recommends this might not be your bag, but a lot of great authors have humble beginnings (usually until someone discovers them). But like I said these are readers-favorites so you might be surprised.


> All 550 AudioBooks are “Classic” Books. There is a link to a list of all the books included in the product description. Alternatively the list can also be found at:


> there is a link to a list of all the books included in the product description. Alternatively the list can also be found at:



The AudioBooks are unabriged and vary in length. There are many short stories as well as longer epics. In all there is roughly 2,000hours worth of listening. So at say 1 hours a day it should last close to 6 years.


lastly we encourage sharing these are not protected or restricted in any way. By all means, feel free share with friends and family. The more the merrier.

As mentioned I’ll be keeping an eye on these forums so if you have any quesitons please drop me a line and I’ll be happy to help! Thanks everyone,


Will this work on Ipad4 & a Mini Ipad?

You may haveto get some non-Apple connector. Apple is very locked-in. Or put files on a Dropbox account?

YES! The eBooks in the eBook Model (for reading) come in 3 formats: PDF, Kindle and ePub. ePub is the format used by Apple. In the AudioBook model (for listening), those are MP3 so they’ll work with Apple devices just fine as well.

Now, the USB itself has 2 ends: a regular USB end plus a Micr-USB. Apple devices have neither, so you can’t plug these in directly. However there are 2 other easy ways to transfer the files to your iPads…

  1. Plug the USB drive into your computer, import the files into iTunes, then sync with your iPad(s)


  1. I can give you direct download links so you can download directly onto your iPads (drop me a line here or at www.eGOLibrary.com) and I’ll be happy to do so

Hope that helps Gail! Thanks for your interest.


Is the Audio book flash drive USB 2.0, 3.0 or 3.1?

roughly 30GB used for the AudioBooks

let me know if there’s anything else I can help with

What is the “adapter as mentioned above” to hook up to an ipad or iphone. Just purchased both and want to buy to adapter to use with apple products but do not know what to buy

Hi Tim,

So there is a $30 adapter that cab work called the “Lightning to USB Camera Adapter” made by Apple but it requires a bit of a workaround.

Honestly my recommendation would be to either first add the books to your computer (so you can have a backup too) then transfer via iTunes. Or for me to send you the direct download links. it saves you the $30 and probably easier too :slight_smile:

Let me know what you prefer and I’d be very happy to help get you setup. I have sent you my email address via the Woot private messaging system. Please drop me a line.


Will these work on nook or kindle?

The eBooks yes: there are formats compatible with both (ePub for Nook and Kindle for…well Kindle :slight_smile:

The AudioBooks no unless you have a Kindle Fire - you need a device capable of Mp3 playback for the AudioBooks

NOTE: neither the Nook or Kindle can read the contents directly from the USB drive, so you would first need to drop the eBbooks onto a computer then transfer to either the Nook or Kindle - there are a few very simple ways to do that - and we would be more than happy to help. Just send me a note here or contact us at www.egolibrary.com

I use a Kindle personally for most of my reading so do this all the time - very easy

USB MP3 reader in my car will it automatically know where it left off when listening to an audio book?

So typically most car stereos with USB ports can play the e-GO! Library (or any Mp3 file from any USB flash drive) but we don’t recommend direct use as most car stereos only offer vary basic controls over external USB drives. As you note, for example you could be in the middle of a book, turn off your car and in most cases the stereo wouldn’t remember where you left off when you turn the car back on.

I can’t speak for your stereo itself, but that’s generally the experience.

What we recommend is first transferring the books you want to another device. For example I had an iPod (iPhone or iPad would work the same) onto which I loaded up the books. I then use the USB cable that came with the iPod and connect it to the USB port in my car. The iPod then gives me much better control.

My wife has a Samsung phone. She plugs the e-GO! Library directly into her Samsung phone (it has a micro-USB port) and then uses the stereo bluetooth function to play the books from her phone over the stereo. Again much easier/better controls.

So if you have a phone or other device handy let me know and I can help you get going that way which is what I would recommend. Thanks! Nic

I have the E-Go! Kids Library and love it. The audiobooks offered today are different titles, correct? Are the majority of them kid friendly?


Very kind of you to let us know! Thank you! The collection today includes ALL the AudioBooks from the KIDS model (125 titles) + 325 more for a total of 550.

You can see the full list here:


Some of these are geared for more mature crowds. There is nothing too “bad” but there are titles such as Bram Stoker’s Dracula which might not be suitable for very young kids - that kind of thing.

Thanks! Nic

Are all the audio books produced by the same studio?

Bought both of these back in January. They are amazing! Lots of content and well organized. I’ve been sharing them with friends, family, and co-workers and it seems there is a little something for everyone on them. Highly recommended

FTW: the books list includes a title by author “Ina Disguise”

Yes the studio, but they are different narrators. Most have British accents with a few Americans. All are professional actors (not celebrities though). I posted a couple samples above (2nd post from the top) so you can hear a couple of different narrations. Let me know if there’s anything else I can help answer. Thanks! Nic