Emailing bears are clearly the number one threat to America Online.

Bears mauling other bears over the internet. It’s so impersonal these days.

I just can’t bear this color. I don’t think the Ranger used a password, Yogi.


Will I buy this shirt?

Well, does a bear telecommute in the woods?

He looks so sad… ;_;

I can bearly stand the puns I know are going to come out of this.

awwwwwwwwwwwwwww sniffs The bear looks so sad…. internet addiction is a bad bad thing.

You should have seen the other two bears. Their computers were too hot and too cold, respectively.

My favorite part of this is not the fact that the bear is using a computer, but rather that he has a rolling chair. Just imagine it!

sounds like hate mail… or “hate maul”

Well at least now we have something with a bear on it to wear on St. Patrick’s Day.

Yeah. I hate Darth Maul. What a tool.

It’s the green cubicle walls. Making him/her miss the forest. And take out his/her interior distress via social media. Good plan.

I’m preparing myself for all the grizzly puns this shirt will make me bear witness to.

Got mine!

computer should have read:

“only you can prevent…”

Instead of outsourcing to India, we’re now outsoucing to nature. I wonder what minimum wage is there…

Primitive creature or not, he needs to ditch the crt monitor.