E-Z UP Instant Canopies

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E-Z UP Instant Canopies
Price: $69.99 - 79.99
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Condition: New


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2/20/2017 - $79.99 - 129.99 - Click To See Discussion (3 comments)

So Woot you’re selling us a Can O’ Pee? I’ll pass.

Why would the larger one cost less?

The smaller one is stronger. You’ll notice in the specs that the smaller one weighs more than the larger one.
The companies website ( https://www.ezup.com/ ) sells the for Swift for $99.99 and the Envoy for $159.99. They mention “heavy duty” in the Envoy’s description.

The “larger one” isn’t strictly larger. Notice that its legs angle inward. It has a larger footprint (12x12’) but a smaller canopy (9x9’). The “smaller one” has legs that go straight up and has a 10x10’ canopy.

I second this. Be cautious of the slant leg canopies. They are not as simple as a square size rating. The 10’ x 10’ is a straight leg and probably the best bet.


I bought the 10x10 straight leg from woot on April 2016. Beware that then they also said it folded to 48". However, it is much bigger than that, probably 60" in the bag. Had I known it would be that big, I wouldn’t have purchased it as it doesn’t fit well in my car. But the price is definitely good because I paid just over $100 for it.

Walmart has a similar one for less. My last walmart one lasted 15 years. It would have gone longer, but an unexpected thunderstorm blew it into the Chesapeake Bay.


Does the bag have wheels?

We got one like the 10x10-size in the spring of last year that we’ve used a bunch. But if/when it finally expires, and has to be replaced, we will be sure to find one with a vent in the middle-top. Lacking one, it hops around with any little gust of wind.

By the way, we’ve improvised weights with 4 2-liter soda bottles filled with water, hung from carabiners on the leg-hinges by clothes-line. Classy-like.

The white one is a few dollars cheaper ($59.00). Just got one a couple days ago, and you can pick them up same day if your local store has them in stock.

The straight-leg version is standard for craft shows–pretty much every space I’ve seen is 10x10. I got one about ten years ago and it has worked very well. It looks as if this one doesn’t come with sidewalls–they can be helpful if it’s raining. Don’t let a heavy 2x6’ piece of gridwall fall against the sidewalls, though. They’re not invincible. :frowning:

As for the bag, if they’re still providing the end-opening bag with wheels, I recommend replacing it with a side-opening bag. They’re MUCH easier to use.

One final thing: although it’s easier with two people, it’s possible for one person to put up this tent. It really does live up to its name. (No, I’m not a company rep–just a happy customer who’s been doing craft shows with one for ten years.)

I picked up the slant-legged 12 footer on the last Woot and it’s been great. The slanted legs seem to afford it a degree of wind-proofedness. I’ve put it up myself a few times, though as someone mentioned it is even easier with two. The bag is pretty great and has wheels that take curbs, gravel, and such with aplomb (you’ll have to drag it laboriously through the sand though).

No regrets at all.

This is what I want it for, but many events require the tent to be white, so I’m a little bummed it’s only in blue.

Am I right to assume these are not water-proof canopies? I did not anything mentioned stating they were and I want more than just sun protection.

If they’re similar to the one I have, then yes, they’re waterproof. Mostly waterproof. Water does tend to collect on the top, so you’ll need to shake it back and forth a bit to get it off. If there’s any kind of wind you’ll need sidewalls. If there’s a lot of wind, well, you can guess what happens. Use weights or the stakes.

I bought the 10 by 10 straight leg a year ago, it is great I sprayed all hinged openings with WD-4o. It now opens up very easy with just one person. It folds up just as easy. WD-40 is your friend.

In my experience, many things made 15 years ago were made much better than they are today. Just sayin’.