E-Z Up Shelter

Curious - how does a 10’x10’ (blue swift) only give 64 square feet of shade? 10x10=100 8x8=64

I think 10X10 is the footprint and not the canopy itself. The legs slant outward, so that that’s might be where the discrepancy is.

I own the 10 x 10 model, and the measurement is for the legs (notice they splay out).

The actual canopy is only 8x8 on this model.

Home depot has the 12x12 for $129, they also have the 10x10 for $109… I’m not sure where woot is getting the supposed $214 or $159 list prices.


The Beige 12x12 is at Sears for $153.

When I went to get a shipping quote though it ended up being $27 to ship to Seattle at least.

These are the “premium” E-Z up shelters, they’ve got more internal metal struts. The Sierra line can usually be found on sale for $50-$80.