E-Z Up Shelter

129.99 on target for the 10x10 in white. Amazon does have a deal for Coleman products. Buy 100 save 20, so may be cheaper to head to amazon for a Coleman version.

I wonder how these hold up in the wind. Is there a practical method to anchor them? Also, how well do they weather; do you have to put them up at the end of the day, or can they stay out all summer?

Wonder if these would work well for temporary shade/cover while washing/waxing a car

They don’t hold up very well in the wind. You can anchor the feet but if the wind is strong enough they get wrecked anyway. It really isn’t something you’d leave up for the whole summer.

They are at 49.99 at Academy Sports & Outdoors.

Academy Sports & Outdoors does not sell E-Z UP. They sell a knock-off brand. If you search EZ it shows you canopies, but when you look at the details, they are ‘off’ brands. You are comparing apples and oranges.

Make sure you don’t let the canopy companies get you with their trickery…

10x10, 12x12 etc may or may not mean actual canopy size, sometimes it means footprint. You can kind of see from most just by looking at them, the ones with the straight legs are probably the canopy size, the ones with legs that stick out are usually footprint.

Sometimes the box tells you, sometimes it doesn’t, or it may say “OMG 100000x100000!!!” then in TEENY TINY print it says “Actual shaded area is only 8x8”… this happened to me back when I bought one, and the box or store ad DID NOT mention this anywhere.

As for holding up to wind, my 1st use of mine, big storm blew in, took it away and bent the leg (was at the beach). It’s still usable at least.

Also, if hanging out at the beach or whatever, if you don’t fully extend the legs, it’s just high enough to sit in any type of chair and see out easily, yet it’s lower to the ground, so less wind worry and easier to shade your eyes from the sun.