E2 Family Winery

Positive note of encouragement to the winery to consider a license in Wisconsin for future offerings as I would purchase :slight_smile:

Always looking for good daily drinkers but there is very little in the way of reviews floating around the web and what I’ve seen isn’t very favorable. Anyone have any experience with these?

We have been making wine for 6 generations but we have a very limited retail presence. We just opened a tasting room and are in a few Raley’s stores and restaurants near our winery. We have won many awards and you can find out more on our website…www.e2familywinery.com.

All of these wines have won awards over the last few years. You won’t be disappointed and if you are reach out to us :wink:

Can you tell us a bit more about the family and the winery? Do you grow the grapes yourself or do they come from contracts? Also, do you have a house style?

Thank you for your feedback…we will consider!

clicked the specs tab for the Cab.,…•Alcohol: 13.5%
Thats the best you can do? be nice to get more info.

Thanks for jumping on board! I love Zins and are becoming more familiar with Lodi. Can you please provide:

  1. specs: TA, ph, RS, and time/type of barrels used for the Zin?

  2. How old are the vines used for the OVZ?

  3. Total case production for the zins


Hello, yes we own 600 acres of vineyards off highway 5 south of Sacramento, CA. We grow all the varietals we sell. We crush, bottle and label on our farm,too. We consider the Family Vine our house style, it is what we drink at the table. Our great grandfather was the first commercial winemaker in Lodi. Our full family history is on our website :slight_smile:

No, there is more…lol…notes should be up by now :slight_smile:

The vines are 35-40 years old for this Zin and we produced 500 cases. The zin is in american oak barrels for a year before being moved to tanks for final stages of production.

Old vine Zin looks interesting.

Really interesting history thanks for sharing that. What was the legal dispute on the name?

Is the Cab a blend or all Cab?

All cab :slight_smile:

It is very good, one of our best sellers:)

Two different sides of the family wanted to use it, and only one could as there were two separate wineries using the name (unaffiliated)

Really interesting, and I am almost in. Is that possible offering a mixed pack, e.g two of each variety?

The mixed pack is usually sold out quick on wine.woot, especially for new product introduction.

Thanks. Inching towards buying but would like #1 answered please! Also, is the fruit the same for both zins? If not, what is the difference? Are 100% of Barrles new?

I will be in touch with the winemaker tomorrow to get the other specs you are requesting :slight_smile: