E5 NCAA Hoodie

No Iowa State??? Boooo! You missed a sale!

No Michigan State?? The #2 ranked team in the Big 10???
You didn’t just miss one sale…you miss a ton of sales!!!

sad face… no Purdue.

No Nevada Reno?

#2 ranked team…IN THE COUNTRY my friend! :slight_smile: GO GREEN!

No Maryland? Missing the best team in the Big 10! A big miss.

Which is probably the exact reason we don’t have them. :slight_smile:

i like turtles

Sizing has got to be off, way off.

Sizing info cam directly from the vendor; but a diagram has been added for reference.

i wouldn’t mind ordering a few of my alma mater for friends/family, but the size specs are really throwing me off (i understand that they are derived from a vendor, but they are still SO atypical-and the diagram honestly does not help!). sigh.

If you have a hoodie that you like in your closet, pull it out and lay it flat. Measure it and compare it to the size chart.

That’s what we tell people to do on the shirt site as well.

No Oklahoma??? How do you pick your teams? I see a lot of good teams and several of the great teams missing.

That’s pretty much the answer. They’re the good teams so the souvenir stuff is gone. We get what the vendor has left.

Sad there are no more North Carolina Hoodies… but happy the DUKE didn’t even make it to the list! I knew I liked this site… :smiley:

16.99 at Dicks sporting goods.

Different brand/artwork.