E5 NCAA Men's Hoodie

Could someone tell me if these hoodie’s are for men or women, thanks a lot,

Show a picture of NDSU but it is not found in the team selection when trying to purchase. Is it available?

The title states they are men’s…

Sorry, sounds like it was sold out last night.

Weird that it doesn’t even show up. The others that are sold out just have the circle to select the team or size greyed out. Not to say I don’t believe you, but I have a hard time concluding that it sold out and the option was completely removed.

Thanks for letting me know.

I went through the pics twice and did not see an NDSU. Maybe we removed the pic now?

The conspiracy grows larger :wink:

I bought 2 of these: FSU, and UNC.
I love em! The price is great, and the quality to match. Gonna have to buy more.

FYI, I got one last time this sold and I they run a bit on the large side. Not a big deal for a sweatshirt, I guess, but the large was swimming on me, when that’s usually my preferred size. If I had to purchase again, I’d drop to the medium.