E5 NCAA Men's Hoodie

Sick and tired of all colleges listed but never Oklahoma! What the Flip!

Sorry! It’s nothing personal. Since we get these items at a discount we rarely have access to all the teams.

Lots of schools were left out, not just yours, but also USC, UCLA, Arizona, Berkeley, Stanford, Colorado, Utah, Washington, Army, Navy, Air Force, Notre Dame (!!!, Washington State, Virginia Tech, Maryland, Rutgers, Connecticut, all the Ivy League schools, NC State, Vanderbilt, and a lot more. And what about some of the smaller colleges with great football teams, like Johns Hopkins – they’re 49 and 1 in the last 5 years of regular season games!

Nice job gathering a list. It’s often due to licensing constraints either by the team or our vendor. We want to carry them all but we have to follow the licensing rules.