EA Sports Hockey and Football Game – 2 Pack


Tuesday, January 24, 2006


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I don’t care about the graphics as long as it has quality posts:
[]p1, Faustt has experience with similar products.
]p1, tj willy finds screenshots…
[]p1, …and kenkobra posts them.
]p2, buzzkirkwood brings on the Froogle.
[]p2, petewilkens warns, “The unit we have has sporadic periods when the color goes out. No reason, just turns black and white for a while and then comes back.”
]p2, Rohlin says the players may be nameless.
[]p3, betharina is the cool aunt (and mom!).
]p4, Xanthochroid wants to know, “Isn’t that the same hockey that the guy from Mallrats was playing?”
[]p4, songs2001 replies, "Brody in Mallrats was playing Sega All star hockey, Swingers was playing NHL 1994, Chasing Amy might’ve been NHL 1995 or 1996
]p4, chuckles the clown shares his Pong memories.
[]p4, oculustigris insists that Madden '96 is really where it’s at.
]p4, Zimberly warns “don’t get carried away with nostalgia…they really have not aged that well”.
[*]p5, esperantinc confirms that you can save games, and links to a review.



Is this woot to good to be true?
Please advise…
This one may have a chance to sell out! TO woot or not to Woot? OPINIONS!


EA Sports Hockey and Football Game – 2 Pack
$9.99 + $5 shipping
condition: New
product(s): 2 EA Sports Hockey & Football TV Games

Is that a new icon? Two for Tuesday.


This is SO awesome…beats a nintendo any day! Sign me up!


EA Sports Hockey and Football Game – 2 Pack
$9.99+ $5 shipping


Cute woot.

Must be short on the higher priced stuff


Nice woot! Surprised the last one sold out


Blah no way woot :frowning:



2-pack with no head-to-head play? How useless…


No head to head? no thanks!


boo what the hell is this??




Seems pretty cool… I think I’ll definitely have to buy one of these…


Hey, I’m a fresh green wooter, but boy do I love it so far!
If only I had the scrilla to woot for real…

Wish I had a camcorder to see how fast this one goes…wait…no I don’t.


Those look cool, I’m in for two.


Hmm… interesting. Wish my brother was here he would be able to tell me if these are worth getting…

Curse not having him on speed dial… … ugh!

Serious… are these any good???



Wonder how this will look on my new 61" TV…


WOOT what am I 12 WOOT


what if these didn’t exist? What if there were no controllers with video games inside? What then? I’ll tell you what! We’d be wooting refurbished hard drives and bread makers that don’t comply with the ipod that we don’t have!