EA Sports Hockey and Football Game – 2 Pack



EA Sports Hockey and Football Game – 2 Pack
$4.99 + $5 shipping
condition: New
product(s): 2 EA Sports Hockey & Football TV Games

Woot sold 1000 of these in 2 hours and 22 minutes during the woot-off, but that was $4.99 for one. This is a Two For Tuesday at the same price.

They also sold a two pack on 1/24/06. Then it was $9.99 + shipping for the pair.


When these were in I was still in diapers. I could always spend hours plucking at the keys.


i own it, never play it! like u might imagine


We just saw these…what…2 weeks ago?


I’m dissapointed. At least this quarter I don’t have an 8AM class to worry about because if I did and I stayed up late like this I’d be homicidal instead on just dissapointed.


decent w00t, but no thanks… I’ll stick with my Xbox or Atari 2600 emulator…


Here are the discussions from the previous sale of these:

From the last Woot-off

and the sale prior to that:


Dear Woot,

Please stop trying to sell these to us. If I want to go back to 1995, I’ll break out my SNES.




didn’t we have this a few weeks back?

i stayed up because i got my first visa debit card, and had the Bag O Crap Vibe and thought there was going to be a bag o crap. oh well. i’ll try again another day


2 great games, sadly no names for the players in NHL, not sure about for Madden though. Thats the dealbreaker for me, becasue i just really love saying jeff beukeboom.


Aaargh, was hoping for 2 bright orange crayons


These again,come on WOOT you can do better.Lets have a better 2 fer next week. Later everyone.


Ish! More reruns!!


Ahhh… good price but I have a PS2

Two nights that I could have went to bed


LOL, there always seems to be a race now over who posts the pricing information first. Anyone else notice that?


We probably didn’t need to see these again for quite a while.


Again, you could not give this away during the woot off!


10 bucks for 11 year old video games? No thanks. If I want that I can get it for nothin’ for the MAME player on my computer.


what happened to the good woots?
and wny aren’t the verification images working? grr