Eagle Eye Crossed

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is this a slashdot joke?

I dun get it unless it is trying to make a political joke…

My first impression of this shirt is that it is anti-American. That is the message I get from the eagle with a red X over the eye.

This is bizarre. Yet oddly intriguing. I’m still on the fence.

I like that the little letters spell tit. Really folks, are we paying attention?

I like this shirt, in fact I may be in for one. The one thing I don’t get is what the thing is by the back of his beak.

I kind of like it, but I don’t understand it.

Well I must be way off because I think this is avery powerful shirt. McDonald’s for me.

what is this supposed to mean?

So is the shirt black or is it navy?

Good catch!

Eh, gives off a bad un-American vibe. The only real explanation I can get of it is something political. Not obvious enough in what it means.

Kinda random and I like it, but I think I’ll pass.

Would hate to try to explain it to other people considering I don’t understand it… it’s like one of those t-shirts that’s so random that you think to yourself it MUST have a meaning haha.

It must be its nostril.

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We call this color: Something Clever Involving Eagles And The Color Black.


We call this color: Something Clever Involving Eagles And The Color Black.

has anyone else noticed that the little letters spell “tit”? not exactly creative, and the 8th grade humor stopped being funny in 9th grade.